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In the Shadows of Move With Love
July 1, 2015, 2:06 pm
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Who is or was Kathy Heideman? The truth is, we still don’t know.

We know quite a bit more about Dia Joyce, the woman behind Move With Love, the unique and unforgettable country-folk-rock masterpiece credited to singer-guitarist Kathy Heideman. Move With Love, it turns out, is essentially a songwriting demo written by Dia Joyce and performed by a band led by Kathy Heideman—in truth, a full-length song poem on LP.

Song poems are what happens when studio pros take lyrics penned by aspiring songwriters and turn them into songs. If you haven’t already, spend some time in search of the informative, frequently hilarious documentary Off The Charts to gain a fuller understanding of this remarkable phenomenon.

As for Dia Joyce: “She was hot. I fell in love with her, very quickly,” Joyce’s partner Julie told us recently. Shortly after meeting in a bar, Dia and Julie hooked up and stayed together for the next 37 years, until Joyce’s passing in 2010. “We were together as lesbians, as a man and wife, everything,” Julie said. Dia Joyce was androgynous. She got a double mastectomy and lived, for a time, as a man, before changing course due to concerns over hormone therapy.

Joyce ran a nursery school before meeting Julie, but retired soon thereafter to concentrate on songwriting and on animal rescue and welfare—her life’s greatest passion. “She felt deeply for any creature that was helpless—including people,” Julie said. Joyce also dabbled in creating the next big thing and did acquire a few patents, including one for a child’s “doll of racial diversity,” as Julie put it, which could be taken apart and reconfigured.

Joyce ditched her doll prototypes eventually, alongside the Move With Love master tapes and her copies of the record. In the days prior to her passing, Joyce was either none too fond of the album, or simply unsatisfied with the record’s near-total obscurity (Vetiver’s 2008 cover of “Sleep A Million Years” notwithstanding)—or perhaps it was a bit from both columns. Joyce was quite ill at the time and wasn’t talking much. And to be honest, Joyce was a bit of a grouch in her lifetime. “She was not a happy person, at all, ever,” according to Julie, who went on to add that “She had happiness, but it wasn’t her normal state.”

“She didn’t like the music business and she had no hustle in her. She didn’t care much about money,” Julie said. Still, it’s interesting to contemplate what might have been had Joyce done a few things differently. At Tiki Studios in San Jose, where Move With Love was cut in a single day, the other in-studio singer was none other than Juice Newton, who’d later rise to fame with “Angel of the Morning” and several other gold-selling records. But even a juicy Newton vocal would’ve surely paled in comparison to the Heideman take on Joyce’s compositions. Her deadpan delivery remains nothing short of indelible, though Heideman’s identity and her story remain occluded by time.

Kathy Heideman, if you’re out there, we’d love to hear from you.

Jestermania Returns To San Antonio (and Now The Rest Of The World)
June 23, 2015, 10:18 am
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In the nearly 12 years we’ve been a label, we’ve never seen such fan fervor for an artist the way the Royal Jesters brought out their people last Saturday night in San Antonio. The San Antonio Express News has full coverage here. Fans started to line-up at 6pm for the 8pm start of the autograph signing line, braving the rain and brutal humidity for a shot at seeing their former teen idols (we use that term loosely here.)


The host for the evening, co-producer Rae Cabello, invited the living members of the group and their families (and Rosemary Lawson, widow of Oscar Lawson, and Gloria Garza, widow of Dimas Garza) on stage at around 9:30 pm to introduce them, and original vocalists Henry Hernandez and Louie Escalante sang along to their hit “We Got Together” to uproarious fans.

Numero blasted out its entire stock of CDs and LPs, and local stores Hogwild and Janie’s sold out their stock early in the day. San Antonio is nowhere near sated. Today, the Royal Jesters collection English Oldies hits the shelves worldwide, or grip it from our website today!

Newish singles for your DJ night no one attends

We’ve heard you loud and clear: You need more reproduction singles for your DJ gig at the local sandwich shop on Wednesday evenings 8-midnight.


Let’s start your set with a hard slice of Florida funk from Perk Badger. “Do Your Stuff” was recently used in a Nike Air Jordan campaign, so Becky Backpack and Tony Trainspot won’t be leaning over the decks during at least one song.

Grip it here.


Looking for that perfect segue between the Doobie Brothers and Jamaroquai? We got you covered. The hit that never was, Universal Togetherness Band’s “My Sentiments,” finally comes to 45 with an exclusive unreleased flip. Dig that sax.

Get sweaty.


Finally, after half a decade on the shelf, we put Trevor Dandy’s “Is There any Love” back in print as a two sided single. Cue burn the A side to your heart’s content, then flip it over and start again. 400 plays guaranteed! Let the chin scratchers pontificate about where they heard it first. Yelawolf? Ghostface? Cudi? Common? 

Get in there.

Royal Jesters Release Party Saturday June 20th in San Antonio
June 17, 2015, 12:25 pm
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This Saturday June 20th, we mosey on down to San Antonio to celebrate the release of Royal Jesters: English Oldies. There will be era/aura appropriate DJ sets by our own Rob Sevier, Ruben Molina (Southern Soul Spinners, Los Angeles), and Rae D. Cabello (who made the snazzy flyer below). We feel fortunate to be able to mark this occasion with the fine people of San Antonio before we take the music of the Royal Jesters to the global masses next Tuesday.

Hitones + 621 E. Dewey Place, San Antonio, TX

$3 at the Door


Tweedy’s Edition Of What’s In My Bag? (c/o Amoeba Music)
June 16, 2015, 2:07 pm
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Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.59.34 PMIt’s always nice to take a trip down the two-way street of love that connects Wilco to the Numero Group. Wilco holds the distinction of having curated their own Numero compilation, Wilco Spins The Numero Group (2010). Numero holds the distinction of having disc jockey’d before and after Wilco shows, here and abroad. This time, it’s Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy making the trek into the Numero universe with his sons/bandmates, Spencer and Sam. The occasion: Tweedy’s edition of the Amoeba Music web series “What’s In My Bag?” In this edition, Spencer Tweedy selects Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City from the millions of LPs that populate the Hollywood superstore.

Pull Quote: “I love Numero Group and we usually get all the stuff that they put out—and I especially love their Boddie Recording Company comp.”—Spencer Tweedy

And also, not to get too deep into responsible parenting, but I really appreciate how Spencer first identifies the Boddie roster as “B-list,” only to have his father gently redirect his phrasing into “less successful.” Aw! You guys!

The whole Wilco gang will be hosting the Solid Sound Music and Arts Festival in North Adams, MA June 25th-28th. Our buddy and Best Show maestro Michael Slaboch will be out there programming Solid Sound Radio 88.7-FM, so you’re sure to hear some bottom-of-the-dial Numero gems there as well. Thank you again to the Tweedy family for your support. Let us know what else you guys need, okay? You know where we live.

Bonus Track: Our own Rob Sevier gives the “What’s In My Bag?” series the Numero Group treatment. 

Two Fly-By-Night Productions on 45
June 15, 2015, 2:34 pm
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Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.21.46 PM

The now out-of-print Eccentric Soul: Omnibus contained not one but two releases on Fly-By-Night records, a two-and-through imprint perpetuated by Cleveland’s first Black anchorman, Bill Jacocks. These individual singles were among the more coveted 45s from the set, so we decided to put them back in to circulation as stand-alone catalog items. The fact that the Pat Stallworth track has not been looped into infinity or utilized in a laundry detergent/yogurt/diet soda commercial is simply unbelievable.

By 1974, Jacocks had been nominated for Emmys and Peabodys, but the desire to create music persisted, occasionally intermingling with his journalistic work. While producing a documentary about the racial issues that affect Northern Ohio, Jacocks enlisted the neighborly garage group, Stone Creations to help track the score. “Hands On A Golden Key” was the titular theme to Jacock’s documentary, which ran exactly once on WEWS-TV in 1973. Shortly thereafter, Jacocks approached Pat Stallworth following a theatrical production at the Karamu House about cutting a record. For Stallworth’s backing band, Jacocks hired the underground sensations, Mother Braintree (pre-Bell Telefunk, pre-Kinsman Dazz, pre-Dazz Band). Fans of Lou Ragland’s Conveyor will recognize and appreciate about 85% of the musical cast (and vibe). As Jacocks himself stated in the Omnibus liner notes: “We made it, in our purview, a silky funk masterpiece.”

Click here to purchase Pat Stallworth’s “Questions Pt. 1″ b/w “Questions Pt. 2″

Click here to purchase Stone Creations’ “The ‘IT’ Song” b/w “Hands On A Golden Key” 

Madlib x Numero Group x July 17th at The Mid
June 9, 2015, 2:13 pm
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The Numero Group is pleased to welcome Otis Jackson Jr. aka Madlib back to Chicago. During the 3rd weekend in July, Madlib will be in town for the Pitchfork Festival, where he will join forces with Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs for a Sunday performance at Union Park. In related news, we’ll be at the Pitchfork Festival all weekend long. Friday night, we will make our way from the CHIRP Record Fair tent to the Mid (306 N. Halsted) as quickly as possible. Oh how convenient, it’s less than a mile away! For those holding Friday tickets and weekend passes alike, consider Madlib at the Mid a decent option for your after party needs. P.S. The evening is billed as “Mayhem at the Mid: Madlib + Very Special Guest TBA.” (Spoiler Alert: The special guest is not us)

To purchase tickets, follow this link to

For Tables and Birthday Packages, click here

For information on Pitchfork, click here


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