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A pimple on the ass of the record business
October 14, 2008, 9:29 pm
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Two years back you may have seen us selling an obscure cassette of the Sixth Station album Deep Night. Our own Rob Sevier tracked down the Sixth Station’s Tony Trosley and procured the last of his records and got 100 cassettes tossed in as a bonus. After rumbling around in the trunk of his dad’s car for six months, we got the bright idea that some people might actually still give a shit about cassettes. We sold nearly every copy at our Pitchfork table in 2007 and got mail for months inquiring about the strange origins of Deep Night.

For those not privy to the cassettes’ magnetic glory, The Acid Archives has this to say:

Stunning soft rock set of dreamy celestial moods carried by a steady beat and rife with phased electric rhythm guitar for a wonderful unfiltered slightly out-of-tune quality. Lead vocalist sounds a lot like Neil Young with his fragile shaky delivery. Deep creative lyrics to match, with all original songwriting and plenty of solo leads on top of the rhythm guitar, sometimes two in tandem, sometimes with light fuzz or other effects, reaching some hard-hitting moments on tracks like “Scar Of Love” or the powerful “Before The Snowfall”. The only other instruments are bass and drums (no keyboards or even acoustic guitars from what I can tell). Some of the most beautiful selections are the ballads, like “Make A Way For Me” or the delicate title track. One of the most impressive post-1980 custom recordings I’ve heard.

Since unearthing the album, we’ve slowly been gathering information on this strange record and have made plans to include it on an upcoming compilation and sublicense it to another label for official reissue. Ever putting the cart before the horse,  our mastering guru Jeff Lipton at Peerless has spent the better part of a year tinkering with the sound and continues to promise, “It’s close.” 

Out of the blue yesterday we got an email from The Acid Archives’ Patrick the Lama about activity brewing across the pond to bootleg the album. The bootlegger in question? None other than James Plummer of Radioactive, Fallout, and Erebus fame. If you don’t know anything about Plummer, he’s been doing needle drop boots for the last two decades to satisfy the “collector culture.” What he doesn’t do is provide any historical information, proper mastering from source tapes, or share any of the proceeds with the artist when they turn up pitchfork in hand. His bootlegs of Bobb Trimble and the Trees have been well documented, and a quick google search will turn up his dealings with Jimi Hendrix’s estate.

We’d love to have the chance to get Sixth Station out in stores before Erebus does, but as he obviously doesn’t give a shit about providing an authentic experience to the listener or the artists, we’re reaching out to you, the GP, to spread the word that an official Sixth Station record is in the wings. While you’re at it, steer clear of the rest of his “catalogue.” It all sounds like it was mastered using a cup and string, and besides, wouldn’t you rather have a deluxe LP built to our standards than a bogus bargain bin CD?

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Where is this CD ? It has been years now if your going to then do it otherwise people are going to buy the bootleg because you have not given them another choice myself included.

Comment by Michael Israel

[…] out, was public reception. It did not play in Peoria, or anywhere. Now thirty years later, we have finally delivered on our promise to issue this much discussed and demanded piece of Midwestern psychedelia. Deep Night hits stores […]

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