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Local Customs: Downriver Revival
January 13, 2009, 9:57 pm
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Numero 026, Local Customs: Downriver Revival, a CD/DVD combo is now available for purchase on our website – LP/DVD package coming your way in April.

Between 1967 and 1981 Detroit’s downriver neighbor Ecorse, MI had its very own Moe Asch. Set up in a basement on 18th Avenue, Felton Williams chronicled the musical lives of Ecorse’s citizens and issued them on the Solid Rock, Cass, Compose, and Revival labels. We’ve compiled 24 of Williams’ most fascinating recordings, covering gospel, group soul, garage-punk, northern, jazz, and funk.

Also included is a DVD with over 200 sound recordings pulled from his archives and compiled into a digital tape vault. This allows you to dig deep into the endless hours of jam sessions, demos, sermons, rehearsals, and studio outtakes. The DVD also has an engaging 30 minute documentary on the making of Downriver Revival and gives you further insight into Felton and the artsits he recorded at Double-U-Sound.

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It is great that there are useful sites!
I thank you for your help and support.
I wish you a great development of the project.

Comment by Kibergame

Will Downriver Revival be part of the vinyl subscription?

Comment by Stevie B

Downriver Revival will be part of the vinyl subscription. Test pressings should be here shortly.

Comment by numerogroup

Also included is a DVD with over 200 sound recordings…

I’m assuming these don’t come with video, correct? Are these MP3 files on a data DVD?

Comment by Elijah M

No, it is in fact a video DVD that includes a digital tape vault menu we developed. It allows you to listen to the music within the DVD player menu in a very user friendly way. All the songs have been tracked out within each tape so you can skip around from track to track, as well as from tape to tape. Also included is a 30 minute documentary on the making of Downriver Revival.

Comment by numerogroup

So, if this is Numero 26… what’s 25?

Comment by J Parker

[…] inquired about the Local Customs: Downriver Revival compilation I was playing. I told him the origin of the release hoping to instill a little hometown pride not generated by his mustard hat. He then […]

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