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By The Way, We’re Still Making Records
April 1, 2009, 11:22 pm
Filed under: Methodology

Even though it seems like we’ve been working day and night for the Eccentric Soul Revue this Saturday, somehow we’ve still managed to simultaneously make records.  The catalog is more or less fleshed out for the rest of the year with a few possible surprises still in store.

Tom just completed the psychedelic artwork for Numero 029 Pisces: A Lovely Sight which drops in early June, and he’s been gleaning from the Numero print catalog we created for Record Store Day to put together some ad’s for In The Basement and other periodicals.  He has also started to sequence Michael Abramson’s incredible and historic images that showcase the nightlife inside many of Chicago’s Southside soul and blues clubs from 1975 to 1977 for the Light On The Southside hard cover book &  2LP of funky blues tracks to hit the shelves this autumn.

Rob has been doing his usual thing fielding phone calls from artists living all over the country and telling them about the label, hitting up the Greek Dancing message board to get rid of the mad lot of ethnic LP’s from Greece he bought this winter, and finally, he’s usually either holed up in his office trying to track down a number of missing loners for Numero 028 Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes or stopping by churches in search of former pastors who cut records that may be included on Numero 030 which will be another funky gospel, Good God! release.

Chris has been opening up the back door and letting in the fresh spring air and sunshine as he keeps shipping out orders from shops and customers all over the globe, while always keeping us on our toes with his non sequiturs when we run past him to steal some of Ken’s silverware.

Ken has been doing his thing by keeping the bills in order, brainstorming Inside The Intern’s Studio episode ideas with me at lunch, asking Rob on a regular basis where the Spirit Free liner notes are for *8, commenting on track sequences & working on the Eccentric Soul: Smart’s Palace LP layouts with David Castillo, and also juggling licensing deals like the new Trevor Dandy “Is There Any Love” sync we got in the upcoming Monsters Of Folk record by indie rock pin up boys Conor Oberst, M. Ward & Jim James.

Meanwhile I’ve been floating in and out of all these aforementioned records taking in tapes, 45’s & LP’s here and there, making scratch tracks and giving Ben Poster notes on the Smart’s Palace short film, trying to get everything in order for the Al Jarnow DVD and working on another Local Customs record for 2010.  I’m currently listening to the second round of masters for Numero 025 which is a epic unreleased 24 Carat Black LP.  The tapes were pretty beat up but, Jeff & Maria at Peerless have logged in some serious hours cleaning up these tracks and adding some much needed bass definition and high end EQ to make them sound rich and dynamic.

So that’s where we are at right now, outside of the Eccentric Soul Revue we’re throwing this weekend which is stressing me out to the point that I can’t sleep.  We had a quick meeting on Tuesday – which is basically us away from our computers for 7 minutes and Rob doing sets of push up’s in the hallway – and we’ve still got some ideas for a few other projects for Numerophone and Asterisk that may come out this year, and we’re kicking around mainline releases for 2010 which is creeping up behind us slowly but, we’re staying in the rhythm as we always do .

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