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Rolling Stones Records: Chicago
April 13, 2009, 2:11 pm
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In celebration of Record Store Day this Saturday, we are going to be writing this week about some of our favorite shops around the country.


Even though I don’t frequent Rolling Stones Records in Chicago anymore, it still holds the most nostalgia in my mind as my favorite shop. Before I was a teenager, my aunt would take me with her to shop for records there and I was in awe of how vast the store was compared to the crappy chain stores at the local mall. I couldn’t see over the bins the first few years I tagged along, but I would look up at the ceiling and be hypnotized by the thousands of “new” dangling CD promos, curious as to what was on them, and I scoured the magazine section filled with Circus, Rolling Stone, and various guitar magazines that gave me my first glimpse at Rhodes, Slash, Hendrix, and Page.

A few years later, I was saving money from shoveling snow and cutting lawns and begging my Mom to take me there every Saturday morning. It became a ritual: Walk through the door, pick up an Illinois Entertainer, go to the middle of the paper, and rip out one of the coupons.


One of my favorite purchases *ever* was waiting in line at midnight on a chilly autumn evening in September ’91 to get Guns n’ Roses’ Use Your Illusion I & II. The excitement was too much for my twelve year old consciousness. It was one thing to buy records that I had heard on the radio for years, but it was an entirely new experience to go and buy something that no one had heard before.  To stand in line with a bunch of dudes who were chain smoking alongside the lifesize cardboard cut out’s of ZZ Top, Mick & Prince in the storefront window was as good as it got back then…And I’m never going to hear the end of it around the office for those last three sentences.

The shop has somehow managed to stay in business, while every other independent store I frequented as a kid has been replaced by a dry cleaner or a coffee shop. I think it’s time for a Numero Group field trip down Irving Park Ave. someday soon to pick up some Black Sabbath and mid 70’s Miles Davis imports for the office.

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