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Announcing: The Eccentric Soul Revue Tour!


Motown had one, so did Stax. Three soul-deep acts and one smoking hot band to back them up. The triple-header of R&B: the soul revue. Once a mainstay of theaters, gymnasiums and VFW halls everywhere, the soul revue ultimately vanished in the late seventies as recorded sound pushed live performance out of the limelight and onto car stereos and refrigerator-sized boom boxes. The performers returned to their day jobs and the world was the poorer for it.

That is, until April 4th, 2009, when your Numero Group mounted the first Eccentric Soul Revue, packing Chicago’s Park West Theater with soul-hungry acolytes, satisfying them and then some with the real thing: a 17-piece band backing The Notations, Renaldo Domino, The Final Solution, Nate Evans, and Syl Johnson, putting on a show that combined 70s slick with revival-meeting fervor.

It was a magical evening, as the past lived and breathed and got on down, right here in the present. Those in attendance went home that night knowing they’d seen something that just wasn’t done anymore. And wanting more. If you live in Columbus, Ohio, New York, Brooklyn, or Washington D.C., the wait and the want is over. The Numero Group is taking this show on the road.

Eccentric Soul Revue hits the East Coast in November with the totally explosive Syl Johnson, the silky smooth Notations, and the man with the voice like Domino sugar, Renaldo Domino, plus special guests, a slide show, and an autograph line.

There is absolutely nothing else like The Eccentric Soul Revue. A ticket is a time machine. Be there.


Saturday November 7th
Lincoln Hall
Chicago, IL
With special guests T.L. Barrett, Linda Balentine, and Sharon Clark


Sunday November 8th
Crofoot Ballroom
Chicago, IL
With special guests Bobby Cook and Velma Perkins


Monday November 9th
The Lincoln Theater
Columbus, Ohio
With special guests the Four Mints and Marion Black


Tuesday November 10th
The 9:30 Club
Washington DC


Thursday November 12th
Grand Ballroom
New York, New York
With special guest Missy Dee


Friday November 13th
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, New York
With special guest Missy Dee


Click here for a sip of the juice.

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Am I to assume Marion Black didn’t make the cut, or is there a Prix / Capsoul Soul revue on the horizon (yes!)? Come to FL…

Comment by alejandro

ugh, Music Hall? Can tell you’re not from Brooklyn. Great lineup tho

Comment by Always Right

Why on earth is this taking place in Williamsburg? Baffling.

Comment by Dad

MHOW had the best production values for what we needed in a show in terms of sound and space. With the Manhattan show talking place the night before, we couldn’t see going to the Warsaw (also in Williamsburg) or Brooklyn Academy of Music (2100 people seems like a stretch. The Grand Ballroom show is the one to see anyway.

Comment by numerogroup

Also, Marion Black will be at the Columbus show.

Comment by numerogroup

Chicago! Chicago! C’mon, guys, don’t tease us!

Comment by Seven Harkey

I did like the last show in Chi-town… Maybe again next spring?

Comment by Marc B- Coffee Man

This is excellent news. Who is doing the backing? Will it be different each city or will JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound be going on tour as well? They really killed it in Chicago, what stamina!

Comment by Kumar McMillan

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound to back every show.

Comment by numerogroup

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