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Early looks
February 2, 2010, 4:33 pm
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Rob and Dante just got back from Beaumont with a shit-pile of photos, two of which are serious candidates for cover shots.

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I put in a big vote for no. 2

Comment by Doug Kaplan

I vote for no. 1. There aren’t enough drunken parties featured on cd slipcases.

Comment by Jon Land

number two all the way, has a much more documentary type feel. also, just what is numero 34 gonna be?

Comment by ultrasoundchad

ah! i meant number one! number one all the way!

Comment by ultrasoundchad

#2! Just because!

Comment by Unknown

Number one! Those guys on number 2 are way too serious!! (and what kind of guitar is that?!)

Comment by alejandro

To ultrasoundchad, Numero34 is another Local Customs release for the Beaumont, TX, Lowlands studio.

From one of the Numero e-mails:

“034 Local Customs: Lowlands CD

Boogie rock from Texas’ swampster town of Beaumont, Texas, courtesy of the Lowlands studio. While brothers Johnny and Edgar Winters escaped via the fame train, there were dozens of local leave-behinds crowding the town’s lone recording studio. A seedier Harry Smith, Mickey Rouse captured the up-all-night-on-cheap-trucker-speed aesthetic bubbling up amid the factory day jobs and drunken parking lot fights. As most of this music is completely unreleased, there’s really no point in listing any of the artists. I mean, have you ever heard of Boothill? Neither had we.”

Comment by sgtpepper4no1

These dudes were not about meth, grass or beer at all, they were strictly about the music and the trim. That said, shit #1 is a perfect consummation.

Comment by DMC

I vote the first one, for explicit use of jew-fro.

Comment by The Handsome Intern


Comment by William Luck

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