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Bootlegging the Bootleggers

We’ve been bootlegged before, certainly. Madlib (take a few bows), Mayer Hawthorne, BBE, RJD2, that lame-ass “Low Riders” series… but this really takes the cake.

Over the course of seven years and more than 70 releases, one extremely creative fan began to build a mega-mix of his favorite loops, breaks, and vocal snippets, chopping them all up and piecing together an incredible musical narrative—a 40-minute, saw blade-labeled 12″ boot that was pressed and seeded to a handful of DJs and producers. Naturally, word got back.

With our cease and desist letter ready to be dropped in the mail, an interesting thing happened: We kinda got hooked on the flawlessly arranged pastiche. Taking cue from the Bob Dylan Bootleg series, we turned the tables on the pirate. Seizing the plates from the pressing plant, we repurposed this underground release (preserving the contraband “Numbero” label) as the ultimate showcase for our seven years in business.

It took some time and effort, but we were finally able to track down the creator of the boot, and were delighted to discover that it was the apocryphal label and production team Shoes, who have previously re-worked Moodyman, Al Green, Miles Davis, and dozens more.

About the hideous/awful/wonderful cover art:

If you’ll recall, from the mid 80s through the early 90s, the groundbreaking “record label” Street Beat brought the world what would someday become the legendary Ultimate Breaks and Beats 25-volume collection, paving the way for modern DJs and hip-hop artists. Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery, we’re issuing Eccentric Breaks & Beats in June as an homage to the breaks and beats collections of yore.

Here’s a sample to hold you over for a few months.

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You did the right thing. This is great!

Comment by Jessi Hance

[…] Raymer of the Chicago Reader weighs in on the history of bootleg records and our upcoming Eccentric Breaks & Beats release.  Link to article. Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed […]

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Great idea, horrible cover 🙂

Comment by alejandro

where can i get one of those 12″s

Comment by dorf

what stuff has madlib jacked?

Comment by bongman

Madlib & Talib Kweli “The Show” – samples Majestic Arrows “Magic Of Your Love”
“Perseverance” Mad Lib remixes – samples Johnson, Hawkin, Tatum & Durr “You Can’t Blame Me”

Comment by numerogroup

thanks! i heard someone sample “you can’t blame me” on mtv sucker free sunday. do you know which song/artist that was? it remember it being such a horrible chop. i dont really like madlibs arrangment either. the original is such a classic

Comment by bongman

Probably Consequence.

Comment by numerogroup

Heard the program and music feature on yesterday’s Soul Kitchen. Thoroughly enjoyed. How do we purchase?

Comment by teriabel

Go here:

Comment by numerogroup

Coming here after reading the album review on pitchfork, the author of the review basically bootlegged your article… oh the irony.

Check the similarities here:

Buying now, this is dope.


Comment by dj dare

what is the same of the og track thats at the beginning of this snippet?

Comment by bold illin

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