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Yellow Pills O.D.s
March 12, 2010, 8:47 pm
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When we started Numero near-on seven years ago, we envisioned keeping every number in print. We had  this romantic idea of someday making a 100 album box set that comes packaged with its own shelving unit. Retail price? Way too much. 

That dream dies today. 

Despite our best efforts to lock down an extension for all of the tracks on Yellow Pills: Prefill, we were unable to get one artist to accept our standard Most Favored Nations deal. As we have less than 40 copies of the double CD in stock , it makes sense to put the record gently to sleep instead of destroying a repress at the eleventh hour. 

While supplies last you can order the album alone for $25, or with Titan: Its All Pop! for $40. If you have any hopes of putting all the Numero compact discs on your shelf at a reasonable price, now is the time to act. In 60 days we’ll be pulling Prefill from our website forever.

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This is sad news indeed. Can you just omit the offending artist from potential future pressings?

Comment by Jon Land

The cost of reprinting the booklets and trays would far outweigh any potential profits on this already lagging title.

Comment by numerogroup

how about your previous comments about moving the catalog to vinyl? i had kinda been holding out for that…

Comment by eekrock

This is incredibly sad… one of my favorite numbers, and the second one I’ve ever owned.

Comment by plasket

YP is the T.O. of our catalog… talks a lot of shit, causes unnecessary problems, but only performs erratically. We’re happy to make it a free agent.

Comment by Rob Sevier

Ordered this after reading this post. I have to say that, it hasn’t left the stereo since arriving. It has easily become one of my favorite Numero titles. Too bad it’s going away, but I’m glad this prompted me to buy a copy.

Comment by Jeremy

[…] As previously reported, Yellow Pills has been put on life support. Many of you expressed sincere gratitude for this long-misunderstood piece of our catalog, and we thank you for your support during this difficult time. […]

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this was the best-of-all-time thing

Comment by snack2deadly

Does this mean that YP will never get a vinyl treatment? …too bad, that release is totally tits. 😦

Comment by Matthew Hart

It’s unlikely that this will ever see LP.

Comment by numerogroup

It wasn’t us! We love Yellow Pills – RP, Treble Boys

Comment by Robert

couldn’t get the link to buy this along with the titan comp, how do i grab that deal?

Comment by Andy MacKinnon

Yellow Pills is out of print. The link to buy both has been killed.

Comment by numerogroup

I know it’s history now, but I’ve always wondered—why was this YP cover art changed midrun?

Comment by Chris

It’s quite simple really: The original cover was ugly.

Comment by numerogroup

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