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Delivered Today
March 29, 2010, 6:54 pm
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Today, at around 330PM CST we got a delivery of 28 boxes. 26 of the boxes contained the compact disc edition of Eccentric Breaks and Beats, which look sharp in their CCNB digipacks. Box 27 had samples of the Linda Bruner LP jacket, which are thick as a brick and have a glorious matte finish. And in box 28? Oh, just two copies of the Eccentric Breaks and Beats bootleg edition that we managed to source. 

If you see a saw blade-labeled 12″ in a bright red sleeve, grip it, and sweat hard until you’ve paid and are at home. These things are rare, and if the price we paid is any indication they aren’t getting any cheaper.

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Will you be issuing B&B as an asterisk release – haven’t seen one recently – or as part of the normal Numero run? Will subscribers receive a copy?

Comment by Sam

Very surprised to see Breaks and Beats is being issued on CD, when I thought it would be done as a 12″. Any chance of Numero releasing it in that format? Also, “Breaks and Beats” going to be a Record Store Day release?

Comment by Justin Cole

Seconded on the 12″ release assumption. It just seems like a more natural fit.

Comment by Ed Corcoran

EBB is coming out on both LP and CD May 25th.

Comment by numerogroup

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