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April 12, 2010, 2:03 pm
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They paid. 

Six months ago while in the middle of the Eccentric Soul Revue, we backed the Numero rent-a-wreck up to Own Guru Records in Baltimore on a tip that they would carry our wares. The buyer was super friendly, pulling a decent amount of LPs out of our black crate before informing us that his boss “Alan” was out of town, but that he was “good for it” and would send us a check.

Six months since leaving those records behind (with dozens of follow up calls), we’ve not seen that promised check. Recent calls to the establishment have been met with abrupt hang-ups, even after we threatened to go public with their shiftiness. As we’ve given them ample time to pay up, we’re following through on our promise.

Dear reader, please boycott Own Guru Records. If you’re feeling ballsy, call them up and tell them to pay us: (443) 844-5896. Spew Vitriol, send junk faxes, do your best Jerky Boys impression. When in Baltimore, take a shit on their doorstep and then go shop these fine record emporiums:

True Vine

Sound Garden

El Suprimo

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Another fine vinyl emporium is Normals Books and Records at 425 E. 31st St., Baltimore, MD. 21218 (410-243-6888). Heard they pay well too.

Comment by Everly Brown

Don’t forget Normal’s Books & Records on 31st St. in Waverly.

Comment by rupert

Ian is a very shady person and rude as well!!! Go to trax on was in catonsville.

Comment by jc

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