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Syl’s Squeal
April 22, 2010, 1:50 pm
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As we prepare to let this beast of a Syl Johnson box set go, I revisted the track list to double, triple, and quadruple check the running order. A handful of last minute changes were made after Bernard Reed came over and dropped science on who played on what and what years the songs were recorded. But the real discovery was in the three unreleased cuts “My Funky Band,” “Sockin’ Soul Power” and “Love Condition.” The first two were definitely tracked at the same session, with both freely interpolating the guitar riff from James Brown’s “I Can’t Stand It (When You Touch Me),” while “Love Condition” is from the same two-month period at Chess studios that produced “Fox Hunting On The Weekend,” “Soul Drippin’,” “Try Me (TWI 107),” “I Feel An Urge,” and  “I Resign.”

And the discovery? Syl either spliced the same vocal snippet into all three, or does a perfect note for note impression of himself over three tracks. Give a listen:

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I may have missed this in your previous posts on teh Syl boxset but what exactly will be on it? unreleased, released, pre-Hi, entire career?

Comment by mindtron

Complete Mythology will contain every known piece of music Syl recorded between 1959-1972, plus a handful of unreleased tracks, and all the re-records for his P-Vine LP.

Comment by numerogroup

Whaddya think? i think he’s just busting it out very similar three times. That’s syl’s trademark that kinda squeal. i love that he does a big high note at the fade out of almost all his 45’s, it’s like a discreet reminder from syl that the records about to end and you better slap selse else on quick…

Comment by richie1250

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