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April 23, 2010, 3:37 pm
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We first checked in on Rochester, New York’s Fine Recording Studio via the Inspirational Gospel Singers in Good God! Born Again Funk. And now, thanks to the hard work of Mark Taylor, the remainder of the Fine archive is being digitized for future generations to enjoy. Here’s the skinny:

In December 2002, a shipping container arrived in Sydney, Australia. Its contents largely unknown, it was unloaded into a warehouse in East Botany. For the next 6 months a story unfolded, a history of the recorded music of Rochester, NY, from the immediate post-war era, until the untimely death in 1977 of studio owner and jazz big band leader Vincent Giancursio, aka Vince Jan, aged 58. The studio later suffered fire and flood damage.

The contents of the container, as they were unpacked, revealed hidden musical treasure representing every genre and diversity of the era. Big band jazz and lounge music, popular songs, country and western, rockabilly and incredible gospel groups dominate the 1950’s. Following this came early beat and pop groups, early garage r&r, northern soul and funk, culminating in a slew of brilliant undiscovered garage punk masterpieces, the reason for the existence of this site. After 1967, psychedelic and progressive styles took hold, and the energy was lost. However, the story must, and will, be told…

Check Mark’s site for a larger rundown of the studio’s musical contents, and oh yeah, grab this face-melting compilation of Fine gospel that another Fine fan put together.

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So will we possibly see a Numero comp of Fine Records gospel in the future? Ever since a post of their tracks on the WFMU blog a couple of years back, I have been searching high and low for a remastered comp of that music.

Comment by Justin Cole

No Fine gospel comp is on the horizon from us, but someone should definitely do it, or a massive studio overview.

Comment by numerogroup

As with most custom studios, there is some Fine chaff, but I believe that Mr. Taylor skimmed the cream of its more-noted Garage output and licensed it. Last he told me, he was tying up this project about two years back. I’m not sure if he was working with Norton or not. I’d have to ask him.

Comment by William Luck

I only wish that Mr. Taylor had some copies of the Inspirational Gospel Singers’ single. Other than his copy, I’m guessing that the fire might have claimed the rest of the un-sold house stock. Sure, there are a few other decent-to-nice Gospel singles on Fine, but that one was probably the best side (certainly the best non-traditional crossover), based on my subjective opinion.

Comment by William Luck

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