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NUM036 Cover Mocks
June 16, 2010, 11:05 am
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A few weeks back we tweeted about getting deep into a Chicago salsa catalog, and now that we’ve locked it down, we can announce the fall arrival of NUM036 Cult Cargo: De Cobo Rojo A Chicago (working title). We’ll be leaking more details as we get further into production, but for now take a look at a few cover concepts that have come together following our excavation.

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3rd from the top is my fave

Comment by Ed

No. 3. Definitely not No. 1… everyone looked bored to death.

Comment by Jon Land

No 3 has a prominent Cowbell, hence it is the one to use. (although 4 with the trophy is good too)Can’t wait for this nugget.

Comment by alejandro


I like #3!

Comment by Marc B.

Another vote for #3, but #4 isn’t bad.

Comment by boffo

Both #1 and #3 look like they were shot in the structure next to the Lagoon in Humboldt park, and given the subject matter, that wouldn’t be a long shot. I’m voting for #1, because it looks way cooler than #3.

Comment by Kevin

3 or maybe 4. Like the light leaks on 4, but 3 captures the spirit of music.

This part of the subscription?

Comment by plasket

number 1 and number 3 are perfect. num 2 an 4 are bad comparatively .

Comment by berenG

Vote for #3, with #1 a close second. We can identify the groove @ first glance.

Comment by emcconville

How can I buy from you guys?

Comment by Jose

Welcome to the Internet!

Comment by numerogroup

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