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Boddie Recording Co.
June 25, 2010, 9:08 am
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It’s been quiet around these parts the last few weeks. And by parts, we mean this blog, because it sure as fuck hasn’t been quiet around our office. It seems like every day we’re up against some new deadline or other, as we struggle to get records into various stages of production. Like this Boddie Acetate Box we’ve been threatening to do since we got into their vast archive of Cleveland soul and gospel last summer. Those who’ve been waiting with baited breath can finally exhale; the tests are in, the boxes are here, and that doubled Boddie logo above is the proof for the custom tape we gushed about yesterday.

What is a Boddie Acetate, and why are they being boxed? Good question. In addition to being a full service pressing plant and label, the Boddies made a number of on the spot custom recordings for a fee. No sooner had you latched your guitar case, Thomas or Louise would be in the back cutting you your own one-off demo record. Our arrival last summer found us going through hundreds of these discs, finding everything from Devo’s first recordings to unissued Lou Ragland productions. Most were unlabeled, or if they were labeled the type had faded to illegibility. Their tape archive mirrored this disarray, as hundreds of tapes lay in unmarked boxes, unplayed since being cut to acetate 40 years before. From here we’ve selected the best of the unknowns, packaging them in a 1/4″ reel box, replicating the custom Boddie label for the sake of  authenticity.

All three groups are completely unknown, save for the fact that they cut two killer cuts before disappearing. Three originals, three covers (Jackie Ross’ “Selfish One,” Brenda & the Tabulations’ “When You’re Gone,” and Billy Stewart’s “I Do Love You” are represented well), liner notes by Dante Carfagna, tidily bound in Boddie Recording kraft tape, and limited to 1080 copies.

And get this, if you’re one of the first 300 customers to buy it from our site, we’ll throw MP3s of the six songs in upon checkout. Are you still reading? Come on, get to clicking.

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