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Staff Gallery Part 3
July 6, 2010, 9:21 am
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Jealousy mounts! Six days after Sean got his first close up, I get this whiny email from our New York satellite office:

How come you keep making blog posts about putting your interns through hell, and not me? Granted, I get paid, but I’m experiencing a very different unique and palpable hell which has me going back and forth between marathon runs in front of the computer, vet appointments, and curling up in a fetal position whenever possible.

Well Jon, your wish is coming true. World, meet Jon Land, Numero webmaster and back-end builder extraordinaire:

Jon came to us through our massive pool of subscribers, complaining about a lousy web experience he had every time he logged onto our site. Insulted, we challenged him immediately to improve upon the mistakes made by our former web developers, the lazy, overpriced, and uninspiring Killswitch Collective (we won’t give them the satisfaction of a link). While the over all look of our site has stayed the same, the more frequent visitor will notice subtle changes like multiple formats, wish list, and a new flash player for sound samples. He worked the first year for the glory, but after catching the Numero curse (which involved three four of his pets dying), we put him on salary to cover the mounting vet bills.

The above picture finds Jon at his wits end as we struggle to launch a brand new web-based royalties system. He built the bomb after we announced the switch from Times New Roman to Courier.

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My sole mission was to be able to have my 15% subscriber discount taken off automatically online, which I did. Then Ken got all needy and stuff. Then he got ambitious and now it’s like a year later.

Someone please save me.

Comment by Jon Land

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