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In stores today:
July 13, 2010, 9:19 am
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After nearly two years of combing through the remnants of Mickey Rouse’s short-lived Lowland studio, today (July 13th, 2010) marks the first time in forty years that this music can be heard outside a 1/4″ tape deck. Listen to the clip for a sip of the juice – or just purchase here now:

And if that doesn’t convince you, let the opinions of others sway you:

“A beautifully vibrant set which more than carries the tradition of this remarkable label.” — Record Collector

“A fascinating and highly enjoyable record of the time, a forgotten double or mirror image of the period’s popular music.” — Dusted

“An amazing portrait of that part of the 70s before punk or even metal caught on, when “being in a band” meant you looked like a long-haired roustabout in your 30s and sang lite-bluesy Bread-esque odes to buying a house/having a kid/cheating on your old lady that sound like they were recorded in a jam session where everybody was sitting on their amps.” — Vice

“Has a filial unity and stoner ease reminiscent of the carousing spirit in DAZED AND CONFUSED.” — Oxford American

And if you want a more in depth look at our process, listen to the podcast found here.

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when are these going out to subscribers?

Comment by J Parker

anyone?… anyone?…

Comment by J Parker

They went out weeks ago. The LP however, has been delayed until mid-August.

Comment by numerogroup

Apologies as I don’t often follow this site. However IF you would like to enjoy this very innocent, sincere moment in time, go to your Record Store and ask for Numbero #34….I think has all of their music also. I have it in vinyl, which I Love, and the CD…The photos are as astonishing as the music! I was also gifted by a friend of the old 45 “A Gift For Every Man” and “Baby You Can Drive My Car” by Sage. Wow, at the memories there. “Local Customs” “Lone Star Lowlands”. All of the bands are so groovy. yep, that would be the word. xo

Comment by Patti

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