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Solid Sound
August 10, 2010, 8:39 am
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If you’ve been following our semi-active Twitter feed, you may have caught wind of our appearance at Wilco’s Solid Sound festival in North Adams, Massachusetts, this coming weekend. Jeff Tweedy even mispronounced our name in the Wilco podcast last week, making it official! So what is Numero going to be doing amid all the Wilco side projects? Just playing a few records, selling some gear, and projecting Celestial Navigations on a 40 foot screen. So, if you’re in Western Mass this weekend, come introduce yourself. Our set times are as follows:

Friday, August 13th – 10:15PM-12:00AM

Saturday, August 14th – 10:30PM-12:00AM

Sunday. August 15th – 6PM-7PM

To commemorate the occasion, our friends at Converse ponied up for a free CD:

Don’t panic, there’s nothing exclusive to the disc, just selects that our friends Wilco made from our catalog. Seventeen songs, liners by us, photos of their space and ours, and available free with any purchase made anywhere in the festival (buy a cup of coffee, get a CD, etc).

Finally, if you live by any of the following record stores, be aware that we’ll be stopping through this week to shake hands and kiss babies:

Street Corner Music – Kalamazoo & Grandville, MI

Wazoo and Underground Sounds – Ann Arbor, MI

Stormy and Dearborn Music – Dearborn, MI

Music Saves – Cleveland, OH

Record Theater (both locations) – Buffalo, NY

Bop Shop – Rochester, NY

Sound Garden – Syracuse, NY

Angry Mom – Ithaca, NY

Last Vestige – Albany, NY

If you’ve got special orders, let your store know and we’ll bring it!

Lastly, we’re going to keep the Twitter account fresh and updated with our travel details, but the blog may be kinda quiet until we return on Tuesday.

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Any way to get that record for those of us off the beaten path?

Comment by alejandro

Twitter, shmitter… when will you guys be heading through Detroit?

Comment by J Parker

Please post a tracklist. I know there isn’t anything exclusive to the comp–just my curiosity.

Comment by Place Logo Here

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