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First contact (sheet that is)
September 7, 2010, 1:17 pm
Filed under: Syl Johnson

Tom Lunt just got back from the printer’s with this beaut of a proof for our Syl pre-order goodie. All it needs is Mr. J’s signature and some intern’s chicken scratch numbering and we’ll be set.

Less than 50 contact sheets are left, don’t delay, order today! As of 9/28/2010 the contact sheet is sold out! 45s still available.

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whats the deal with numbering stuff nowadays? i was at the local record store yesterday and it seems every single newer/independent record is numbered out of 300 to 600. yeah its a marketing strategy but i just dont have any numbered stuff from back in the day, even those 1/100 private press thingys

Comment by bong man

Well, the contact sheet is more of an art print, so we’re leaving it in that world more than the new record world. Signed and numbered by a legit star, take it or leave it.

Comment by numerogroup

yeah for sure, i didnt mean no disrespect to numero, more just looking for answers to the questions of a modern record shopper

yeah syl is the man
might have to get the box set just for the is it because i’m black instrumental

Comment by bong man

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