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Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label gets a makeover
September 9, 2010, 9:46 am
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Regular readers may recall our April 2009 pledge to update a handful of LP titles as they went out and back into print. Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil was the first to go under the knife, putting our initial offering to shame easily with it’s crisp photos and updated liners. When Grand Bahama Goombay slipped out of circulation earlier this year, we gave it a similar treatment, fixing the short spine, giving the liners a fresh edit, and sharpening the photos.

Prix had always been one of those titles we were  disappointed with on LP. For openers, the labels were swapped on the first and third pressings. The spine was always off and the layout inside left a lot to be desired. We got the new Prix back in last month, but between the Boddie Acetate Box, the Four Mints 45, and the Lonestar Lowlands LP, it got lost in the shuffle. Take a peak at the new features:

The front cover image has been sharpened, giving that natural Polaroid wear and tear some real shine. Eddie Ray’s teeth have never been so shiny and bright.

Dante Carfagna’s notes have been given a once over, corrected and updated in spots where necessary. The center spread for the CD edition has been added in at a robust 6″ X 11″s.

In our teens we were still toying with the idea of how to budget an album. We cut photos or made them smaller, cool ephemera like check stubs and invoices were usually cast aside. You can see micro-details like these in this new edition, along with all four label variations, and Prix and related labels discography.

Procure your 2010 150 gram double album edition here.

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Always curious as to what was the cover photo about with that wood texture.
One of my favorite Numero releases.

Comment by alejandro

Arrrrrgghhhhh, my fave numero release! And I already bought it twice cause I saw it in a half price bin and decided to but it for my girlfriend. Do I dare buy it again?

Comment by Richie1250

Congrats on “You and Me” becoming the future love song of the year. The scene it plays in depicts why I love your catalog. I will have to share it with millions of Gossling enamored teenage girls I guess.

Comment by Jake Nevill

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