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Where The Hell Have We Been?
September 21, 2010, 7:28 pm
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Five days, no posts. Most of you have moved on to other labels, entirely new genres of music, had children, or are on the verge of retirement. A lot can happen in five days, sadly none of it very interesting. Here’s the recap!

Friday, September 17th

Our very own Rob Sevier had a birthday. No one said a thing, a gigantic sheet cake was not rolled out. Homeboy holed up in his office pounding away at the Ebirac notes before taking his normal four minute lunch break to grab tacos from the truck parked at the corner of 24th and Kedzie. A set of push ups was done towards the middle of the day.

Tom Lunt spent the bulk of the day doing tedious Photoshop work for our upcoming 4LP box set of Titan: It’s All Pop! We have no idea when this will be finished, but can guarantee you’ll want to own one just for the Boys LP cover.

Ken Shipley finally found the inspiration to begin the Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg rewrite. If you own the CD version, we apologize. We were young and naive and had no idea how to make great records. In the four years since its release a grip of new tracks have been discovered, and this incredible photo of Small Paul and the Soulsations was found on a weird website:

Yeah, that’s not-so-small Paul backed by Tony and Sandy Flores from the Soulsations. ILL. Please buy the 2LP “Loaded To the Gills” edition with 10 bonus tracks when it comes out next year.

And then it was the weekend. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t spend all of our spare time digging in basements or cataloging rare 45s. Some people hit farmers markets, others go see mediocre films like The Town. One guy has two dogs, another two kids. A regular basketball game is played on Sunday morning by another guy. Nobody blogs.

Monday, September 20th

The first draft of the Mighty Mike Lenaburg notes were finished. Zach Myers finally got back from his two week vacation and immediately dug into a massive royalties overhaul. Tom Lunt spent all day carving up a 1972 road atlas for the cover of the Arlis!/Secrets* split LP that will be in the Titan box. At some point a new Titan logo was made using the enlarge and reduce buttons on the copier. Chris convinced us of our need to participate in a Latin record fair in NYC this October. At noon Josh Davis and Dante Carfagna dropped by to discuss the long delayed Stone Coal White record we’re manufacturing and distributing for their Cali-Tex imprint. Josh told us about transporting the Shadowsphere around Europe. Other much more secret business was discussed. Like this place we found to cut a headstone at at 60th and State.

Tuesday, September 21st

The first day of Fall was 89 degrees. Doors were open, fans blowing. Intern Leigh was tasked with hand numbering all 350 of the Syl Johnson contact sheets. He did it with a goddamn smile. Judson Picco rattled off the second draft of Mighty Mike Lenaburg, and project coordinator and Arizona soul buff John Dixon was brought in to fact check the new document. We’ll tweak the final layout and send into production on Friday.

Back cover for Arlis!/Secrets LP was executed, as well as a mock for the weird 4th LP that will tie up all the loose Titan ends. Renaldo Domino stopped by to sign a fresh deal that put us in bed for years to come. While he was here, Leigh taped Renaldo and Rob Sevier for our inaugural podcast. If the sound issues get fixed, we’ll be in business by early next week. Michael Slaboch came by for a minute and lamented the aspect ratio of the Syl Johnson box opening video we shot two weeks back. Right before the day closed, our publicist called to say that Carson Daly wanted to have Syl on his show.

That was a real WTF moment.

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Just wanted to wish Rob Sevier a Belated”Happy Birthday”from Corneilus and Melinda Neal of Las Vegas.

Comment by Melinda Neal

Now that’s a recap. Happy birthday, Rob!

Comment by Jon Land

Stone Coal White Hott. What’s next? Spontaneous Overthrow?

Comment by William Luck

I’ll quit hounding. I promise.

Comment by William Luck

Numero always looking forward…


Stone Coal White woohoo!

Comment by cortez

Happy Birthday from the gang at Star Lounge!

Awesome news from all corners.

Comment by Marc B.

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