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Syl graces the Chicago Reader’s cover
November 24, 2010, 2:36 pm
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After two years of threats, our pal Peter Margasak at the Chicago Reader delivers a beaut of a story on Syl. So good in fact, his editors decided to throw it on the cover. Numero neighbor Saverio Truglia shot the photos (Syl shows no shame, sports the Is It Because I’m Black t-shirt), and even our man on the phones Erik Selz gets a shout out. Family affair indeed. Gotta love this quote:

“I ain’t no jack of all trades, but I’m a multitalented genius.” Fair enough, I think. But then he’s off and running: “I’m not a great singer, but you know who can make a great hit? The one that can hear hits. You know Jesse Jackson? Or Louis Farrakhan? Them motherfuckers know how to . . . excuse the expression, I don’t mean to call them motherfuckers . . . they know the shit to say what the people like. I’ve been discriminated against, and I know about racism, and I know that my great-great-grandfather was a slave. I know they killed six million. You ever heard of Adolf Eichmann? He killed four million. I said, ‘Mama, how come they’re killing those babies, mama?’ She said, ‘Boy, they’re just some rotten people.’ My point is, everybody’s been discriminated against. I’m not worried about racism, I just want you to be straight up.”

Read the entire story here, and if you’re on the fence about Saturday’s concert at Old Town School of Folk Music, perhaps this can persuade you.

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