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Syl on the cover of the NYT Weekend Arts section
December 3, 2010, 11:30 am
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In anticipation of Syl Johnson’s performance at the Southpaw in Brooklyn tonight, Ben Sisario from the New York Times delivers what is, to this point, our most significant piece of press (Suck it Doug Wolk!). Before we link to it, we want to share this hilarious transcript that Ben sent over to us:

Syl (picking up the phone, semi-shouting): “….now what’s the problem?”
Me: Uh, hi, is this Syl Johnson?
“Yeah, this is he.”
This is Ben Sisario from the New York Times.
(shouting) “Who is this?”
My name is Ben Sisario. I’m calling from the New York Times.
“Oh yeah! I’ve been looking for your call. How do you spell it?”
“What’s the first name?”
Yes, sir.
“Like Ben….?” [I think he was starting to sing the Michael Jackson song, but at the time I didn’t catch that.]
Like Benjamin Franklin.
(laughs) Oh wow—that’s on the what, dollar bill and shit? Who on the dollar? George Washington. Benjamin Franklin on the what? Ten?
He’s on the hundred.
Oh! That’s the shit I like, the hundred! (laughs)
How are you?
“I’m cool and the gang, man.”
Full story here.

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