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24 hour Deal #19 SOLD OUT
December 17, 2010, 8:24 am
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Ah, the salad days of 2009. Those halcyon days, when there was only one official Record Store Day a year. 10 labels had a dream, and that dream was to sell a lot of copies of a single LP on that one single Record Store Day in 2009. Those dreamers included (in the order that I think of them off the top of my head) The Numero Group, Light in the Attic, Now Again, Sublime Frequencies, Finders Keepers, Honest Jons, Jazzman, Daptone, Timmion, and Soundway. That dream was fulfilled on that day: the compilation, which included a number of tracks or mixes that came out nowhere else, sold like hotcakes. But someone else had a dream that day, and that dream was to stick us with a return for 11 copies, which were promptly lost in our “warehouse” (read: the deathtornado we work in). However, today we have a reality for 11 people who dream of those bygone days of 2009, when you could have had to fistfight on the floor of Amoeba for one of these titles.  And, this is the last one-day deal of the Christmas season of 2010. After today, we go back to business as usual: high prices and surly customer service.

Just $15 SOLD OUT!!!!

This LP Crashes Hard Drives

Previous deals (remember the good times?):

11/22 Cult Cargo’s Belize City Boil Up and Grand Bahama Goombay + an original CES 45 on CD ($25) or 2LP ($30)

11/23 Disco 12″ Blow Out. +001 “Disco Connection” 12″, +002 Master Jay & Michael Dee “TSOB” 12″, +003 Sabata “Man For My Lady” 12″, +004 Fabulous 3 MCs “Rub A Dub Dub” 12″, +005 Jay Mitchell “Mustang Sally” 12″, +006 Jackie Stoudemire “Invisible Wind” 12″, +007 Missy Dee “Missy Missy Dee” 12″, and  +008 Final Solution “Brotherman” 12″ for $50.

11/24 American Ladies, European Ladies. Neila Miller and Bruner LPs for $25 or Antena: Camino Del Sol 2LP and Catherine Howe: What A Beautiful Place LP for $30.

11/26 Everything! NUM001-034 on CD or LP for $600/$500, respectively.

11/29 Light: On The South Side deal. Michael Abramson’s book and our compilation Pepper’s Jukebox for $40.

11/30 Wayfaring Strangers deal. Ladies From The Canyon, Guitar Soli, and Lonesome Heroes on CD for $30.

12/1 Celestial Navigations deal. Our first DVD, Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow for $15.

12/2 Belize City Bust Up: Bent corner Belize City Boil Up LPs for $12 OR Motor City Madness: Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label and Local Customs: Downriver Revival on CD ($28) or LP ($30).

12/3 Chicago Twinight Soul deal: Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology and Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation on CD ($80) or LP ($100).

12/6 Deep City deal: Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label, Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City, and the Rollers 45 on CD+45 ($23) or LP+45 ($35)

12/7 Peyton’s Place deal: Both of Caroline Peyton’s Bar-B-Q albums on CD for $15 OR Eccentric Soul’s Mighty Mike Lenaburg and Smart’s Palace on CD for $22.

12/8 Ohio Deal: Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label, Four Mints: Gently Down Your Stream, Wee: You Can Fly On My Aeroplane, and 24-Carat Black: Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday on CD for $50.

12/9 EBB deal: Eccentric Breaks & Beats on CD ($7) or LP ($10), OR: Left Field Americana deal: Pisces and Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands on CD ($28) or LP ($35).

12/10 Eccentric Soul deal: Every Eccentric Soul title on CD ($170) or LP ($150).

12/13 Eccentric Soul 45 deal: 10 Eccentric Soul 45s for $45.

12/14 Warped Dead Stock deal: Slightly warped La Solucion Desde Mi Barrio LP for $10.

12/15 Asterisk deal: Boscoe, Johnny Lunchbreak, and Propinquity on CD for $18.

12/16 1980s deal: Don’t Stop: Recording Tap and It’s All Pop! on CD for $22.

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That is one killer LP. Glad I didn’t have to fight anyone over at Dusty Groove for it…

And what IS up with multiple record store daze??

Comment by Marc B.

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