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2011 Numero Subscription
December 21, 2010, 1:22 pm
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After an 11th hour A&R meeting that lasted a whopping 163 minutes, your Numero Group has emerged more ready than ever to announce the contents of our 2011 CD and LP subscription. Though most of you are still living out the dregs of 2010, we’ve been facing up to and plotting for 2011 ever since we sent the Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology box set to press in mid-June. For those of you wondering where your final 2010 items are, we’ll explain it all in the coming paragraphs (Just know, for the moment, that you’ll have them shortly).

Numero’s 2010 was all about quality over quantity (adding only three records to our main line during the calendar year). For 2011, we’re shifting philosophies, to bring you a quantity of quality, delivering a multitude of small, focused projects, all of an extremely high grade. We’ve got so many LPs lining up for ’11 completion that we’ve had to break the vinyl subscription into two parts. And, with CD orders continuing to slack off on the front stoop and smoke cigarettes, we’re retooling most of our CD subscriber packages to include bonus content unavailable with the retail CD editions. Finally, we’re adding a few items that’ll be ownable via subscription only, upping the ante considerably from last year. Oh, and we’re gonna charge you less, too.

2011 Vinyl Subscription Part 1: $100

038 Willie Wright: Telling The Truth LP+45

011 Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg 2LP

ESBOX002 Soundsmasters 3×45

036 Cult Cargo: Salsa De Boricua Chicago 2LP

037.5 Fathers Children LP

In addition to the 6 LPs and 4 singles listed above, you’ll get any bonus materials we make (discs, autographed ephemera, etc.), a die-cast pin, and an exclusive 7″ from the Numero vault. As this entire subscription will be filled by June, we’ll be offering a booster pack for a reduced price.

2011 CD Subscription: $100

037.5 Fathers Children CD

037 Eccentric Soul: RJW 2CD

039 Eccentric Soul: Nickel & Penny Labels CD

035 Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio 3CD

In addition to 7 CDs listed above, you’ll also get any bonus materials we make (discs, autographed ephemera, etc), a die-cast pin, and an exclusive 7″ from our vault.

2010 CD subscribers, if you’re looking for your copies of Willie Wright and Salsa De Boricua Chicago, don’t fret! They’re being manufactured now and will ship right around the first of the year.

About that die-cast pin:

Welcome to the Winter Olympics of Numero tchotchkes. In addition to being Numero logo-shaped, the color of pin you get reflects your years as a subscriber. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, get ready to affix a gold pin to your lapel. For those who’ve only been with us for 2-4 years or 1 year look out for silver and bronze (respectively). Wear this pin to get a 15% discount at any Numero event or table where we sell our wares.

Here a sip of next year’s juice if you’re not already convinced:

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Do the Willie Wright and Salsa CDs still come as part of the 2009 CD subscription? I feel like I had heard that was the case awhile back…

Comment by Zack

Do the Willie Wright and Salsa CDs come as part of the 2009 CD subscription? I feel like I heard that was the case awhile back…

Comment by Zack

Yes they both come with the 2010 CD subscription.

Comment by numerogroup

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Wow….what is the track between 2.50 and 3.45 and which release will it be on?


Comment by Danny

Father’s Children “Dirt and Grime,” will appear on 037.5.

Comment by numerogroup

How do we subscribe. Old Ben is looking for a home.

Comment by Judd6149

Hi friends of Numero,don´t forget your european buyers, we want subscriptions too!!,i known shipping costs are expensive but i can pay a little more with euro…..Thanks for all marvelous records!!keep this way!

Comment by elejota77

CD subs only for now. LP’s cost about $20 each to ship, which would double the cost of a subscription.

Comment by numerogroup

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