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Taschen: We’ve got a continuity error
January 11, 2011, 9:02 am
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Underneath Michael Slaboch’s tree this year was a copy of Joaquim Paolo’s Taschen-released Funk & Soul Covers. There seems to be a glut of record cover books hitting the market in the last few years (vynils are making a comeback if you haven’t heard), and this one doesn’t upset the genre’s balance of uninspired mediocrity. In fact, it sets a new low!

Look close in that bottom right hand corner and find our Asterisk label’s logo on the 2008 reissue of Boscoe’s S/T album. We’ll admit that the Kingdom of Chad-issued LP is something of a grail for funk collectors, rare as rare gets, but it seems like a publisher of Taschen’s salt could find someone in the world with an original copy and have it scanned. Shit, we’ve got two in our office!

A small time fail in the grand scheme of things, but if Taschen wants an audience beyond the casual Barnes & Nobel shopper killing 30 minutes before a movie begins at the cineplex next door, they might want to consider employing editors and compilers with a stronger pedigree in the field.

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That Friends Of Distinction cover has always bugged me.

Comment by William

where do you think that $600 copy of king james version is shipping off to?

Comment by cleveland wants its records back

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