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Design a Numero label
January 13, 2011, 2:55 pm
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Walking through the doors of Cleveland’s Boddie Recording Company last year was an instant time-warp rush. Sure, we’ve gasped at our first glimpse of a major find before, but this was something else: a complete custom operation, sealed since the last note was tracked and packed, with studio, pressing plant, distribution warehouse–even an organ dealership–intact and ripe for the picking.

Among the mountains of ephemera was this:

Yesterday while working on the design for our 2011 Record Store Day release, Local Customs: Pressed At Boddie (a compilation of tracks pressed via the Boddie’s custom operation, bot not issued on their in house labels), we had a thought: what if Numero was a struggling mid-seventies label in need of the kind of services Thomas Boddie’s operation had to offer? Like say, a label design?

We’d like you to answer that question. Here’s how:

1. Download the above form

2. Print it out

3. Get the Hell away from your computer

4. Using no electronic means, design a 45 label with the following information:

A Numero logo of your making

Local Customs: Pressed At Boddie

Num035 1/2

Produced by Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley

5. To reiterate: Use no computer generated anything. Pencil, pen, scotch tape, glue, rub-off letters if you’ve got them squirreled away in a drawer somewhere, but NO COMPUTERS.

7. Fill out the whole form, just as though you were doing business with the Boddies

8. Okay, turn on your computer. Scan that thing.

9 . Send it to us at

The winner will receive a copy of the album in THREE formats:

Pressed At Boddie – LP

Burned At Boddie – CD

Dubbed At Boddie – Cassette

Plus, an original Boddie 45, hand selected by the Numero gang from our private stash.

The final design will be the actual label for the cd version of the release and the form for the design of all three formats. Quantities on the day of release will be extremely limited. We plan to sell out fast.
If you’ve been with us for awhile, you’ve seen examples of the period style. If not, have a look at some examples here. Clearly, NO TALENT REQUIRED.

Entries must be received by January 21st, 2011. Get your ball point pen, go to Kinkos, make some copies, and get to work.

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This looks great, will you be shipping copies to the UK for Record Store day?

Comment by Tim Hall

This is a great idea! Nice to see that you are doing a record store day release again.

Comment by Marc B. from Chicago

which is the deadline?

Comment by Alberto

Deadline is Friday, but we may extend.

Comment by numerogroup

Ah! Wish I’d seen this a tad earlier. NO TALENT REQUIRED= hilarous. NO computers? Thank you for that, i swear i’m one of the few who doesn’t use (or know how to use) computers for art. i hope you hear from me soon. choo!

Comment by kat

I don’t suppose this is part of the subscription…?

Comment by plasket

Not part of the subscription, but we’ll have a special offer for subscribers so that they don’t miss out on this title. Look for it in a few weeks.

Comment by numerogroup

Is a manual typewriter allowed?


Comment by jason smart

Not only is it allowed, it’s encouraged!

Comment by numerogroup

Hey teach… can i get an extension to Monday, the 24th?
(Feels like college)

Comment by ben reber

Extension has been granted for all. Must be post marked by next Friday!

Comment by numerogroup

thanks for the extension teach. i realized i dont know how to draw when a facebook and a ipad is strapped to my ding a ling

Comment by cleveland

interesting after all these years that people know about boddie record pressing–when i used to track down obscure vinyl-cleveland was one of my main areas–going to one stops,distributors and record stores and also ordering new releases–several of the soul kitchen releases sold well for us but our two big sellers from cleveland were jessie fisher-“i’m not loving a beginner” on way ouy and kim tolliver-“i don’t know what foot to dance on”——- the last time i went by the boddie plant in the 70’s –his wife was hanging out the washing and he wasn’t at home—a long time ago!!!!!!–john anderson

Comment by john anderson

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