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Sorry Forrest!
January 28, 2011, 5:02 pm
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We just got a pretty impassioned email from Forrest Plassman. He was super bummed we called him a cheater, and when we looked back, we could see his point. Sarcasm isn’t always the best medium on the internet (and we use it quite a bit), but we intended no disrespect when we posted his designs in our Design A Label contest. The thing is, we posted him as an example of what not to do because he was the best of the people who didn’t follow the instructions to a T. Many have tried to pass off  their clever photoshop skills as authentic, but as we’re experts in Phony-shop ourselves, we can spot fake ring wear from a mile away. So Forrest, please, no hard feelings. We actually really liked your designs, and to prove it we’re putting up one more. On this one Forrest actually followed the rules, until the typography came into play…

Perhaps what our initial call for entries didn’t convey was the process of getting a label made. Very few of the order forms we found have typewritten information. Most were hand-scrawled, with various arrows indicating bold, italic, size, all-caps, etc. About the only part of these that were well thought out were the logos. But not always. A logo was sometimes just stock lettering. Not everyone cutting a record was necessarily a designer. Louise had to take all that information and fit it in less than 3 1/2 inches. In a sense, she was the designer.

We’re not asking you, or Forrest, to so much design an entire label, just the parts of it that aren’t set in any kind of stone. Pencil and ballpoint were commonplace at Boddie (and they’ve got the spelling errors to prove it), and we welcome them here. If you’ve got an idea kicking around, don’t think your handwriting is too crude, or your drawing skills aren’t up to snuff. We’re channelling Louise here, and like she did for nearly 20 years at Boddie, we’re going to take your vision and make it legible. We’re not being paid enough beyond that.

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all my attempts at two tone fire and water have failed. please someone make a label paying tribute to the cuyahoga river fire!

Comment by cleveland

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