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And the winner is…
February 3, 2011, 8:29 pm
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After much deliberation (and then a snow storm), we’ve picked the winner of our Pressed At  Boddie design contest. We got hundreds of entries (we’ll be posting a list of our top 25 soon), whittled it down to ten, and on Tuesday decided on this:

Some of you may be scratching your heads wondering why we picked something so rudimentary. and that’s just it, if you were pressing a record with the Boddie’s in 1973, you were not a graphic designer or an illustrator. Chances are you sketched out the logo for your on a cocktail napkin. Your choices at Boddie were ink color and paper color, and most people chose black ink and a red label. If they spelled your name right you won.

So congrats to Nicholaus Becker. You hit it perfectly.

We got so many incredible designs in that we honestly don’t know what do do with them. In that spirit, we’re doing one design for the LP and one design for the CD. Kathryn Wallace, you got the LP slot:

This design is far more detailed, but really hits the amateurish nature of the whole thing. From the microphone stands to the depiction of the Detroit Superior Bridge*, this thing reeks of homemade. The open space on the bottom was a huge plus as it gives us room to fit in the track listing.

Lastly, we couldn’t resist calling attention to the label that was most popular in our office, but was just too well done to use. Eliza Childress, take a bow:

The detail on this is superb, made by someone who can not only draw, but found a way to pull multiple Cleveland landmarks into the mix. Childress’ entry is a straight-up work of art, but no one making records at Boddie was this talented with a pen. Eliza, if you’re reading this, we’re trying to find some way to use this or you for something, do get in touch.

More of the best and the worst to come over the next week.

*The Detroit-Superior Bridge (officially known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) is a 3,112 foot (949 meter) long compression arch suspended-deck bridge over the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio. The bridge links Detroit Avenue on Cleveland’s west side and Superior Avenue on Cleveland’s east side, terminating west of Public Square. The bridge was begun in 1914 and completed in 1918 at a cost of $5.4 million, with construction carried out by the King Bridge Company. It was the third high level bridge in Cleveland (the first was the Old Superior Viaduct and the second the Central Viaduct, also built by the King Company). At the time it was completed, it was the largest steel and concrete reinforced bridge in the world.

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glad to hear my homie nick becker aka Cykey won! I emailed him this contest thinking it would be perfect for him…and the fact that he is a chicagoan makes it even more wonderful! great idea numero group! massive respect

Comment by Radius

Way to Go!!!

Comment by Tena Becker

Just one more reason to be very proud of my son. Way to go, Nick! Dad

Comment by Mark Becker

You are awesome

Comment by Tena Becker

hey Tena!

Comment by Radius

Only now findin out that you announced the winners … sa-weet!

Comment by Kathryn

an original piece of art ,very creative,I like the microphone ,great work Kathryn !

Comment by claudine

woo! go Wallace!

Comment by pam

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