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February 15, 2011, 2:04 pm
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¡¡¡ To our 2010 CD subscribers !!!

Many of you are wondering “Where In The Heck Is My Willie Wright CD Already?!”
We apologize for the delay.
We know that most of you are getting anxious because:

1] it has been a while since your last installment
2] you might be seeing Willie Wright’s “Telling The Truth” offered at your local
brick-and-mortar &
3] you generally receive your subscription installments far before the official release date.

The truth is that we were waiting for the last installment, the Ebirac salsa comp,
to be shipped to us and then we had planned to ship the two [Willie Wright/Ebirac] together.

Production was halted a couple of times due to mishaps [ALL of the jackets/sleeves were ruined during the blizzard, etc…] and so we apologize for the anxiety we may have caused.

They’ve just landed on our doorstep yesterday and this is one for the gipper.
Here is a preview of what the packaging looks like:

We guarantee, it will have been well worth the wait.

These are currently SHIPPING NOW so expect to see them landing in your mailbox within the next week or so.

For anyone else wanting this over-the-top production, it is NOW on PRE-SALE FOR SALE over at the

We expect the rest of the shipment to arrive within the next couple of weeks. Received this afternoon! Order away…

All The Best,

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packaging looks great – hope the music lives up to it. Getting excited about receiving WW and this at the same time – Christmas come…late

Comment by Sam Hussain

When you all get your copy, weigh in on the packaging. We’re open to suggestions. Enjoy!

Comment by numero

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