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Record Store Day 2011
February 18, 2011, 9:00 am
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Coming to a physical record store near you (April 16th for those not planning their lives around this near-Hallmark holiday): Local Customs: Pressed At Boddie.

Following our acquisition of the Boddie Recording Company in 2010, we began transferring a mountain of Cleveland gospel, soul, funk, boogie, rock, garage, folk, and every other manner of weirdness committed to tape that came through the Boddie’s door. Many of these tapes were left behind by the client some 30+ years ago, forgotten faster than the miniscule amount of records pressed at the Boddie plant. As our upcoming Boddie Recording Company box set deals with their in house Bounty, Soul Kitchen, Luau, Cookin’, and Soul Mine labels, we wanted to pay tribute to the Boddie’s pressing plant, which for about a decade was the epicenter of greater Cleveland’s small time record business.

Included on Pressed At Boddie are 16  wildly different tracks, coming from a handful of different scenes. Pre-Pere Ubu synth-madness butts up against the group harmony stylings of the Imperial Wonders. Donald Eckert’s blown-out folk sits next to Bill Spoon’s modern dance moves. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome listen, crafted more like a mix tape than a historical document. And yet, this thing is pretty fucking historical.

For openers, most Record Store Day records are trashy cash-ins. Bogus 7″ repros, expensive and needless live LPs, and perhaps the worst culprit of all, records that aren’t actually limited but are marketed as such (We’re looking at you Flaming Lips Dark Side Of The Moon). Numero understands what a cash grab this holiday has become, and instead has created the first must-own RSD album. Housed in a gatefold sleeve, Pressed At Boddie comes with the most insane discography (compiled by Ohio soul expert Dante Carfagna), a full color 18×22″ poster of labels, and a detailed history of the plant. And because we recognize that there are different kinds of buyers out there, we’re making this on CD (Burned at Boddie) and cassette (Dubbed at Boddie). This isn’t just some slap-dash, let’s-rape-the-customer job, we’ve spent as much time making this as we do every Numero album. There may be more colored vinyl in the field that day, but we highly doubt there will be anything that stacks up to Pressed At Boddie.

Now for the quantities. Recognizing that there will be significant day of demand for this title, we’re making 1000 on CD, 1000 on LP, and 300 on cassette. If you’re a Numero Subscriber, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve decided to make this part of the subscription and you’ll be receiving it on the Friday before RSD. For the rest of you mokes, we suggest arriving at your favorite independent record retailer on the morning of and picking one up.

Oh, and did we not mention that we’re going to have our own record store on April 16th? A one day “flash” store set up in an empty space on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago? This isn’t just us setting up a table at a record fair, we’ve invited a dozen of our close friends (read: dealers) to set up shop as well. Walking into the Numero record shop will be like walking into the record store of your dreams. Decently priced vinyl in great shape, not a bunch of common dross that’s been picked through 1000 times and suffers from serious finger burn. We’ll have a live radio broadcast from the shop, spinning your favorite Numero tracks with old commercials, weather reports, and news updates we got in the Nickel & Penny acquisition. Have you been dying to hear the commercial for Midwest Floor and Tile backed by the South Shore Commission?

For one day only, paradise will be found at a store front in Chicago.

But wait, there’s more! We’re manufacturing 100 copies of an exclusive Eccentric Soul 45 that you can only buy at the Numero store. You want this record? Book a flight to Chicago. These hand-numbered singles will be available one per person, with the buyer’s name entered into a registry. If you’re a Numero subscriber, we’ll even hold a copy for you!

Many more details to come, but if you’re looking for a place to spend Record Store Day 2011, may we suggest you do it with Numero?

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Done! I will see you guys there!

I assume all the details will be here in a few weeks…’till then.

Comment by Marc B. from Chicago

Holy shit… perfect! Starting to save my cash… NOW!

Comment by ben reber

For us out of state, out of country subscribers can we get a friend to buy the single for us?

Comment by Sam Hussain

In an already logistically difficult day, we’re going to limit the 45s to those that can provide a picture ID.

Comment by numerogroup

This is a joke before anyone gets upset. However, we are not joking when we say these records are pressed on a special vinyl that is as permanent as regular vinyl while in your collection… but if they are sent through the mail they disintegrate.

Comment by numerogroup

is the eccentric soul single boddie related?

Comment by cleveland

Our limited RSD single is not from Boddie. We’ll have details on this item shortly.

Comment by numerogroup

Will pressed at Boddie be available in the UK or just the US?

Comment by Calum

Limited quantities in the UK at the usual suspects: Honest Jons, Sounds of the Universe, Rough Trade, Piccadilly, etc.

Comment by numerogroup

Hell I was just about to book my flight – and then realised its my wifes birthday…

…. what a fantastic gift idea – see you there (you wish)!!!

Comment by design delites

[…] will be located in Chicago, so looks like locals only for this one. More info on the label’s blog. Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to […]

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I love everything you’ve written about your plans (and philosophy) and demonstrable commitment to RSD 2011. You make a compelling case for those of us who live far, far away from the windy city to find some semi-plausible excuse to persuade wives, families, supervisors and corporate travel managers to support us to make the trip to Chicago for no other reason than to shop in *your* record store that day.

However, its heartbreaking to those of us who feel that we *must* own everything that there ain’t no way, other than the aforementioned 2,000 mile trip, for even the most dedicated fan to get one a those 100 singles. Rats.

Comment by Mark Carter-Piff

Including this RSD LP to subscribers is a class move, and but one example why myself and I’m sure a lot of other folks will be supporting your efforts for a long, long time.

Comment by Rob

[…] well…here it comes…full album to drop on your ears and minds Saturday April 16th for Record Store Day. Leave a Comment LikeBe the first to like this post.Leave a Comment so far Leave a comment […]

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[…] Here’s a little taste of what is to come on WTNG 89.9 FM (and streaming here) this coming Record Store Day April 16th out our “flash” store in Chicago. […]

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[…] you are trying to find parking on the gauntlet that is Milwaukee Ave. near our “flash” store this Saturday April 16th, tune into 89.9 FM to hear some sweet Numero sounds to ease your gridlock pain as you curse the […]

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Per above, “We’re manufacturing 100 copies of an exclusive Eccentric Soul 45 that you can only buy at the Numero store… If you’re a Numero subscriber, we’ll even hold a copy for you!” Any details on how subscribers like me planning to drop by the store should go about reserving a copy?

Comment by Jason


I just put you on the list. We’ll hold it until noon.

Comment by KS

Awesome–thanks so much!

Comment by Jason

[…] 3 mile radius radio station, WTNG 89.9 FM. We are running this “pirate” station out of our shop for Record Store Day this Saturday & it will also be streaming online here at the blog for those of you who can’t make it to […]

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Friday before? Hmmmm.
Thems just jokes.

Comment by Josh

[…] WTNG is now live on 89.9 FM in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood or you can stream it on USTREAM by clicking on the link above.  Below is the schedule for the day. We’ll start giving live updates at 9am when the doors open, along with in-store interviews with Syl Johnson & Renaldo Domino! Stop by our one day pop-up shop and celebrate Record Store Day with us and our new release, Local Customs: Pressed At Boddie! […]

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Pressed/Burned at Boddie was one of the two most highly desired items for me this RSD, and I happily bought a copy of each at Shake-It Records today (alas, no gold-colored cassette there, though).

Great, GREAT job on this comp. If these are the leftovers from the Boddie box, then that thing is going to kill. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see the vinyl was colored–wildly so, at that.

But what is the last track that is on the vinyl and not on the CD?

Didn’t think you guys could top the “This LP Crashes Hard Drives” set from two years’ back, but you did so a vengeance.

Comment by Place Logo Here

WOW! Just. Wow.

My prized RSD find – knew nothing about it prior, but was intrigued simply by the presentation – cover photo, font, and design. Couldn’t pass it up.

Got home, opened it up, and was stunned by the “liner notes.” The mixed-color vinyl was also a surprise! And the music! That sweet, funky, occasionally-off-key music!! Wait – what’s this in the sleeve with the second record? A color (slightly off-register) newsprint poster of the 45 labels?! BOSS!!

You have a new fan – and customer.

Thank you, again!


Comment by Mike

[…] A história conta-se toda aqui. […]

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[…] Lastly, in Record Store Day 2011 news, the amazing Numero Group has announce their contribution to the festivities. They will be releasing a collection called Local Customs: Pressed at Boddie. Last year Numero acquired Boddie Record Company and they have been combing the archives of  Cleveland gospel, soul, funk, boogie, rock, garage, folk, and all manner of abandoned master tapes to bring you the best of their bounty. They will be pressing 1000 copies of the album on vinyl & CD and 300 on cassette to be released on Record Store Day, April 16th, 2011. In addition to this Numero Group will also be setting up a “flash” record shop on Milwaukee Ave in Chicago with some extremely limited goodies for you. Check out the details at Numero Group’s website. […]

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[…] been almost a year since our limited Pressed at Boddie edition (an LP whose release date coincided accidentally with Record Store Day 2011) and we’ve […]

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Bill spoon was my dad

Comment by will bell

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