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A Record Store day clarification
February 23, 2011, 2:50 pm
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We took a call this morning from Record Store Day’s Michael Kurtz, who was a little upset about our portrayal of Record Store Day as a “cash-grab.” Admittedly, we were perhaps not clear about where that finger was pointing, but it’s definitely not at the fine folks behind Record Store Day. Over the last three years they’ve worked tirelessly to reward both stores and customers with the opportunity to celebrate all that is great about record shops. Our “cash-grab” characterization is directed at the greedy labels (read: majors) trying to capitalize on this great day with bullshit merchandise that isn’t in the spirit of the event. In our opinion, this kind of junk devalues everything else that’s coming out that day. This isn’t the RSD people’s fault, and according to Michael they are doing what they can to avoid these non-exclusive “exclusives” going forward.

Lastly, we’re all for lines around the block filled with throngs of eager shoppers on the morning of RSD, but remember when you’re gripping live Bruce Springsteen singles that there’s 30,000 other records in that shop that are worthy of your flipping finger.

Happy hunting.

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Last year, I went to a local Sonic Boom, where there was some live show going on and kids pumped about the scene, too many people at one time for such a normally sleepy industry. On RSD, I got elbowed in the face and someone took a mediocre LP release right out of my hand and ran off- Madness.

Kurtz needs to rethink the way RSD is marketed. For one, extending it a week instead of one day would allow artists more opportunities to play shows and boost sales over a longer time span. Seems he also needs a wake up call- Record Store Day is indeed a cash-grab amidst a free society of rabid record consumers. Yes, Rabid.

Besides, harassing respectable labels and telling them what to say about a spoof holiday is not only unprofessional but it shows what is really on this guy’s angry little mind: Money! Shouldn’t everyday be record (listening) day if you love the music and medium in itself?

Comment by Ohno Yoko

Still, I don’t see how Michael Kurtz is going to make money off the major label releases. I hope that the guys at Numero and owners of small, independent record shops DO make some $$$

When RSD came around last year, I went to the smallest shop possible and it was OKAY. We will see how the Numero shop fares this year… 🙂

Comment by Marc B. from Chicago

Look at the “Sponsors” list midway down on the right. Other than Furnace and Crosley, I don’t see a lot of small time operators.

Comment by numerogroup

Holy crap! So, uh, and Ozzy too, eh? I see what’s up… 🙂

See you at the pop-up-shop still. I gladly throw my hard earned cash at you.

Dig it.

Comment by Marc B. from Chicago

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