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New Talisman in the Numero Office
March 3, 2011, 2:33 pm
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Right now, the new Numero fetish object (and by that we mean the traditional anthropological meaning, you perverts) is this extraordinary piece of embroidery now hanging on our wall. It looks like it was torn off the letterman’s jacket of an attendee of Numero College Prep, but no… it was handcrafted by the official Numero embroiderer Lisa Lucy Dahl. Check out some of her other detailed work below.

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Cool! The “vinyl” part looks shiny. How’d she do that?

Comment by Jessi Hance

Sorry guys, I have to go ahead and correct my name…Lisa is only a few letters off : )

As far as the “shiny” part goes, I just left a little white space between the grooves, and the shape and angle of the vinyl did the rest.

Comment by Lucy Dahl

Waaaant it…

Comment by Aural B

Lucy, you are awesomely clever!

Comment by Jessi Hance

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