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Out now: Salsa Boricua De Chicago
March 31, 2011, 9:40 am
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In all the hub bub of Record Store Day, our pop-up shop, and Pressed At Boddie, we sorta spaced out that we released a record on Tuesday. At least the CD version of it anyway.

Salsa Boricua De Chicago is the first entry to our Cult Cargo series in over four years, standing the concept on its head entirely by pushing world music through an American keyhole. Culled from Carlos Ruiz’s miniscule Chicago-based Ebirac label, Salsa Boricua De Chicago features fifteen tracks from Orquestas La Solucion, La Justicia, Under The Sun, and Tipica Leal (along with the Ebirac All-Stars, Ramito, and La Calandria). Using the original master tapes, we’ve painstakingly created the alternative to New York’s Fania label.

No expense was spared in the packaging, which includes replicas of the four Ebirac LPs and a 60-page perfect bound book stuffed with photos, flyers, paintings, and an absurdly detailed essay by our own Rob Sevier.

If none of this is convincing, give this All Things Considered piece that ran yesterday a listen:

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Very cool….I love this Thank you for your good work.
Tito Conga

Comment by Tito Garcia

As usual, great stuff.
And really great booklet — except for the itsy bitsy font size. Or maybe it’s just the light text on a dark background: If you compare p.35 (light on dark) to p.36 (dark on light), I think it’s obvious which is easier to read. In any case, the content is superb.

Comment by Jason

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