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Discussing Record Store Day
April 13, 2011, 1:53 pm
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Numero’s Ken Shipley and Rob Sevier were both called onto the carpet to discuss Record Store Day this week.

“The Record Store Day releases are garbage. We’re making a record store for people who shop at record stores all the time.”

“Music is fundamentally a business of finding hits, but the economy of RSD is ‘Forget about hits, what can we shit into the form of a record and shove into the hands of the wanton masses?”

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”You can expect to be insulted”

love this line.

Comment by Lg

Love these interviews, especially what Rob had to say about RSD (the organization) & some of the releases. This day is intended (or maybe was) to celebrate and help independent record stores by bringing customers in, which to some extent it does, but I think people will start to realize that what they’re getting isn’t anything special but something manufactured for the purpose of having something to sell on RSD or for the promotional abilities of having your band or labels name on lists of “limited” releases. One thing I’d like to see change about RSD is it doesn’t celebrate enough the people who are buying records every other day who actually keep our stores in business. If anything it makes it harder for them to get a record that they would normally be interested in picking up by flooding the stores that day with infrequent or even once a year visitors along with people looking to make a quick buck flipping so called “limited” & “exclusive” releases on ebay.

Comment by Scott

Completely agree with the sentiment expressed in the interviews, and the points made by Scott in the post above!

Comment by Andrew Austin

If you didn’t already know the RSD website is now listing Pressed At Boddie as a “Limited / Regional Release”.

Comment by Scott

Excellent articles. Especially the Phila. Weekly one. I must, however, point out that the Built to Spill record is not even the most pointless release today. That would be the Death Cab for Cutie “snippets” release. Very tragic use of the classic Atlantic label.

Though I am stuck in Pennsylvania and cannot make it to Chicago, a friend of mine is going to be there. I have given her the recommendation of “absolutely anything.” Hopefully, she will be one of many new fans you will earn today.

Comment by plasket

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