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Eccentric Soul 45s: The First 25
May 19, 2011, 4:51 pm
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We’ve gotten several inquiries over the last few months about “holes” in the Eccentric Soul 45 catalog. To dispel this ugly rumor, we’ve created a handy reference guide to the first 25 singles in the Eccentric Soul catalog. A handful are out of print, but the bulk can be purchased in one form or another by following the links. Happy hunting.

ES-001 The Rollers “Knockin’ On The Wrong Door” b/w “One Little Piece”

ES-002 Eddie Ray “Wait A Minute” b/w “Instrumental”

ES-003 M.A.S.O. “Poon Tang Thump Pt. 1” b/w “Pt. 2”

ES-004 Renaldo Domino “I’ll Get You Back” b/w “Two Years Four Days”

ES-005 Triads “If You’re Looking For Love” b/w “Now I Can Hold My Head Up High”

ES-006 Wee “Try Me” b/w “Teach Me How”

ES-007 Ant Hill Mob “The Number Runner Pt. 1” b/w “Pt. 2” (available only with this deal)

ES-008 Trevor Dandy “Is There Any Love” (one-sided 45, limited to 100, out of print)

ES-009-011 Boddie Recording Co. 3×45 box

ES-012 Four Mints “No Longer” b/w “Endlessly”

ES-013 Royal Revue feat. the Fascinators “Is It Because I’m Black” b/w The Deacons “Sock It To Me Pt. 1” (available only with online purchase of Complete Mythology)

ES-014 Willie Wright “Right On For The Darkness” b/w “Africa” (available with LP edition of Telling The Truth)

ES-015-017 Little Ed & the Soundmasters 3×45 (available August 2011)

ES-018 Penny & the Quarters “You And Me” b/w “Some Other Love”

ES-019 Reverb Ltd “Please Love Me (Mono)” b/w “(Stereo)” (available only at Numero pop up store 4/16/2011—out of print)

ES-020 Group From Lutheran East “From The Files of Lonely Hearts Take 1” b/w “Take 3” (available only with 2011 subscription—out of print)

ES-021-025 Syl Johnson “Mythological 45s” 5×45 

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I’m so printing this out and framing it.

Comment by Double K

When will ES-020 be sent to subscribers? I’m excited to hear it.

Comment by Ed Corcoran

We’ll be sending them all out in the next two weeks. CD subscribers will get it sooner, LP subscribers will receive with Father’s Children LP (June 1-ish).

Comment by numerogroup

Does the ES-20 go with the Father’s Children CD on subscription? I received my CD last week – will the 7″ be sent separately?

Comment by Sam Hussain

45 will be shipped separately (they don’t fit in the same package very easily).

Comment by numerogroup

10 copies (+ 2 that sold – more than 10% of the run!) of the Trevor Dandy single are on sale on eBay (for $40 each) from a seller that call themselves “thenumerostore”. Pretty ballsy of them (whoever they are) to steal your name.

Comment by frednula

This is how you keep folks from performing the time honored “grip and flip.”

Comment by numerogroup

Yes indeed. And I don’t fault you. Just poking fun. There’s far too much “grip (save) and flip” going on these days. F.

Comment by frednula

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