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We find shit like this all the time
June 20, 2011, 10:29 am
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While researching a group for the Boddie box, we happened upon this startling tidbit that is minorly related:

Inkster motel firefight


They drifted from one fly-by-night scam to another and were living in an Inkster motel when Inkster police arrived July 9, 1987, to serve Alberta Easter, and her sons with a warrant for a $286 bad check.

Easter, 69, protested, insisting the warrant was improper. Officers Clay Hoover, 24, and Daniel Dubiel, 36, called their supervisor, Sgt. Ira Parker. He drove to the Bungalow Motel on Michigan Avenue. Seconds after Parker, 41, entered the motel room, gunfire began. The cops didn’t have a chance. Twenty-nine slugs were pumped into the three officers, including rounds from their own weapons.

Then Easter and sons George, 45, Roy, 47, and William Lemons, 43, fired at random out the motel door at Michigan Avenue. A 10 hour standoff ended when the family surrendered. All were convicted of first-degree murder and are serving life terms.

Context: The Lemons were behind Detroits Gold Soul imprint, who were supposed to record the Versailles, the vocal group that Creations Unlimited were born from.

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