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Talking Mythology With Syl
July 1, 2011, 7:56 am
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“I made money in the day; don’t ever kid yourself,” he says. “R&B singers made top dollar. They β€” well, I paid my taxes, but most of them didn’t pay taxes until Reagan came along and started getting after them. They’d go to the South, man, and come back with pockets like this, pockets stacked with cash dollars. Blues didn’t make money. R&B singers made money. They were drunks, they were drug addicts and they were womanizers.”

Here’s the full interview Syl did with the Hartford Courant at Solid Sound last weekend where he talks about his career over the past 50+ years, sampling, and why we chose the name Complete Mythology for the box set.

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I’m so digging Mythology, picked it up at Lost Weekend Records. What would be the best route to go about picking up his later material? I understand many of the releases may be slipshod or non-renumerative to Syl, any reccomendations

Comment by jeffcannell

The best place to go is Edsel’s Complete Hi Recordings, which gathers his four Hi albums and various singles over two discs. The liner notes are terrible, but if you have our box it won’t matter. Syl sees no money from any of his Hi recordings currently, but we hope to have that rectified sooner rather than later.

Comment by numerogroup

Is there a way we could paypal Syl for the Albums- How much Money should I send him for four albums? Could you guys set something like this up? I will go ahead and buy the Edsel set, but perhaps us Numerophiles who bought the set from Edsel can rally behind or man Syl and paypal him some $$$.

Comment by jeffcannell

That’s a really sweet offer, but not necessary. We’re trying to get accounting from Hi Records going back nearly a decade, and we’d prefer for them to hold up their end of the deal. The best thing anyone can do for Syl is to go see him live. Or buy Complete Mythology for a friend.

Comment by numerogroup

Cool… I promoting Mythology… Glad you guys take care of the artist… BTW- you should like to the Other Paper Story about Penny and the Quarters… I love all the loving you guys send to Columbus.

I hope Syl can make it to Columbus sometime…

Comment by jeffcannell

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