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July 6, 2011, 11:47 am
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Because we know you’ve been trained to your TV following this Casey Anthony bull shit, we wanted to remind you that  a few new items have been added to our website. First off, part two of the 2011 Vinyl Subscription is now open for both current and new subscribers here.

2011 Vinyl Subscription Part 2:
$150.00 (Part 1 Subscriber rate) / 165.00 (New Subscribers)


+009 Doc Rhymin’ 12”
The Numero 12” series returns after a three year hiatus with an oddball nugget from the Boddie Recording Company vault. Cleveland rap differs from the sounds emanating from New York and Los Angeles in one major way: most of the region’s recorded output has no samples. Copies of Ultimate Breaks & Beats were extremely scarce, leaving upstart rhymsters high on VHS-dubs of Yo MTV Raps to lean heavily on programmed drum machines and keyboards rather than “Funky Drummer” and “Different Strokes.” Doc Rhymin’s basic 808 approach does not disappoint, as he lets his well rehearsed cadence carry each of the 12”s three songs with nary a gimmick to be heard.

CT-010 Stone Coal White LP
Only the 10th record from DJ Shadow’s long running Cali-Tex imprint, Stone Coal White fits the label’s bill of unearthing the most wasted and primitive funk records ever recorded to a T. Some will recognize “You Know” from the black-psych mix bible Chains & Black Exhaust, but as the group’s two 45s exist in single digit quantities, only a handful have heard the rest of this Ho Chi Min City-damaged oeuvre.Their two 45s have been bolstered with four previously unissued tracks, found in the basement of a now-condemned motorcycle gang hideout in Dayton, Ohio.

024 Titan: It’s All Pop 4LP (+bonus 10”)
From 1978-1981 the Titan label issued only eight records, but over the years their tiny catalog has crawled to the top of power- pop want lists worldwide and appeared on scads of bootleg cassettes, building a legacy to rival L.A.’s Bomp or New York’s Ork. Located in fly-over country, Titan was forced to start their own scene, import their own skinny ties, and scour Missouri for their own talent. Their midwest AM bubblegum roots are apparent in the likes of Gary Charlson, the Secrets*, Arlis!, Gems, Millionaire At Midnight, the Boys, J.P. McClain & the Intruders, Bobby Sky, and Scott McCarl, but Titan was clearly influenced by the glam-punk spit beinghocked from the 100 Club stage. 30 years since they meekly flopped out their first 7” single, Kansas City’s Titan Records finally returns to record bins everywhere in a deluxe 4LP retrospective boasting ten bonus tracks not on the double CD.

Bonus pre-order only live Boys 10” (limited to 500) is included with the subscription price.

ES-Box 003 Lil’ Ed & the Soundmasters 3×45
First featured in our 2LP+book box set Light: On The Southside with the track, “It’s A Dream,” Lil’ Ed & the Soundmasters released only three 45’s during their career on the group’s Fised and Fished labels. Housed in a custom printed 45 box, this triple single boxset also features a 12 page booklet that delves into the history of this Chicago family-funk band and its 8 year old drummer.

035 Boddie Recording Company:
Cleveland, OH 5LP (+bonus LP)
We’ve been threatening this thing for two years, and as I type this we’re putting the finishing touches on the set. The five album box boasts a whopping 64 tracks, and includes not one but two LP-size booklets chronicling the Boddies and their stable of misfit artists. The packaging on this must be seen to be believed, as we’ve spared no expense in creating the ultimate document of this Cleveland institution.

Also, In addition to the 11 LP’s and 3 Singles listed above, you will get any bonus materials we make for the rest of the year along with the 15% subscriber discount both at our online store ( and at any events taking place in 2011 like the Chirp Record Fair at Pitchfork and the WFMU Record Fair.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 2 of the 2011 Vinyl Subscription will close after the pre-orders for  NUM024 – Titan: It’s All Pop 4LP Box Set closes at the tail-end of August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t have the clams to shell out for the subscription you can pick up both  Doc Rhymin 12″  and Stone Coal White  before the release drops next Tuesday.  Also if you haven’t picked up NUM037 – Father’s Children: Who’s Gonna Save The World, follow the link and listen to the snippets and I assure you you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, we present to you our 2011 Numero Summer Clothing Collection with the release of our new Soul Kitchen Tee and  Twinight Tee. Granted there are only 2 pieces in this summer series, these American Apparel fit tees look good in any situation. From getting bombed at the beach to hitting on your second cousin, these shirts hold up in any type of summer shenanigans, keeping you in style even if your behavior isn’t.

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Most no-brainer purchase ever — the vinyl subscription is the best money I spend all year! Thanks so much, Numero, for being so great.

Comment by Steven

i giggle now when i see people cranking out 60 bucks for the Third Man Vault … im so happy i pulled my head out of my ass and signed up !!! thanks NG!!!!

Comment by trevor

out of the blue question… Did any Serbian Folk music turn up in the Boddie Vaults…

(serious question)

Comment by jeffcannell

No Serbian music at all.

Comment by numerogroup

When is Father’s Children being sent out to CD subscribers?

Comment by Adam Tolland

This was sent out over a month ago.

Comment by numerogroup

That’s what I thought but I never received it-this was never a problem before as I got all previous mailings. Can you please check and see if it was sent to me? Thanks

Comment by Adam Tolland

The Soundmasters box has been on the Dusty Groove site for two weeks now, but no mention of it on your own. What gives? Just curious.

And do you plan to ship Boddie, Titan, and Soundmasters to subscribers all together? That would be a mighty package.

Thanks for your time,

Comment by Brian

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