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Awfully quiet ’round these parts…
July 27, 2011, 11:54 am
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Frequent visitors to the ye olde Numero weblog may have noticed a six day dry spell. For this we apologize. Vacations are over, the heat has subsided, Pitchfork festival came and went, and yet still, we found no time for an update. With a staff that fluctuates between five and ten bodies every day, Numero has reached that boiling point where there is so much going on every day that all lunches have been moved to desks pending further notice (not that  there was much of an eating place before, we sacrificed the lunch room YEARS ago). We often joke about how busy we weren’t; trips to the pool, naps, leisurely mid-day games of touch football, and 45 minute lines at Hot Doug’s were a regular occurrence. But now, even in the dog days of summer, there is no light at the end of the work tunnel. Just a train of more projects. You know about Titan, Boddie, and Lil’ Ed. But what else is coming down the pipe?


NUM039 Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels — WVON and WGCI’s #1 Dusties DJ Richard Pegue arranged and recorded some of the most beautiful Chicago soul records in the ’60s and ’70s, too bad they all went out of print weeks after being issued. All the rare 45s by the likes of Jerry Townes, the Voices, the Norvells, Richard terry, South Shore Commission, Joyce Williams, and more, have been compiled for your listening pleasure. Extensive liners by Bill Dahl tell the whole tale, and we’ve raided Pegue’s photo archive for some of the sickest B&W evidence we’ve presented in some time. Unreleased shit? In spades. We’ve even dug up some of Pegue’s jingles backed by the South Shore Commission and tacked them on for good measure. CD or 3LP.

AST8 Spirit Free: Plays Starship — The Las Vegas, Nevada, spiritual jazz quartet’s lone album, bolstered by a handful of session out takes. Liners by our very own Zach Myers (his first set, be gentle) tell the tale of not just Spirit Free, but a litany of other weird Vegas institutions that have been lost in the sand.

AST9 Los Nombres: Title TBA — Discovered in the Boddie vault were the entire 60s and 70s recorded output of Cleveland’s only Latin Soul group, Los Nombres. We’ve compiled all of them onto a neat CD or LP for our second Asterisk album in nearly three years.

Eccentric Soul Revue: Durham, North Carolina — When we took ESR on the road two years ago, we talked about it being so difficult that we’d likely never do it again. Gluttons that we are (and being made an offer we couldn’t refuse), we’re bringing Syl Johnson, the Notations, and Renaldo Domino (backed by the Divine Rhythm Soul and the D-Town Brass) to the Carolina Theater in downtown Durham for one night only. November 19th is the date, and tickets are available now.


NUM042 Lou Ragland: Title TBA — Boddie is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only did we get Pressed/Burned/Dubbed At Boddie, Group From Lutheran East, the Boddie Acetate Box, Los Nombres, and the massive Boddie Recording Company  5LP/3CD box set, but several of Lou Ragland’s thought-to-be-lost master tapes turned up too! Next year we’re compiling all of Lou’s early singles, the Hot Chocolate LP, The Conveyer LP, and an unreleased Hot Chocolate Live At Agency Studios LP.

Beyond that? God, there’s something so huge that we almost can’t believe we’re involved. Three new labels are launching, a fourth researcher is coming on full time, and we’re doubling our office space. Weird to be thinking about 2012 when we’re still in the summer of 2011, but by the middle of August we’ll be looking at an entirely new calendar. It’s all happening so fast that we can’t keep up with documenting. Let’s hope that when we’re putting together the Numero Yearbook in 2013 that we’ll be able to remember something from the summer of 2011.

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love you guys.

Comment by Colin

Thanks for sacrificing your lives and times to benefit musical history and educating the masses. We love you and all you do!

Comment by jen coyle

My porch can hardly wait. Need an accountant to work for peanuts?

Comment by James Mitsuru Davis

cleveland is the city where we come from so run run

Comment by cleveland

I’m giddy…like its the 6th night of Chanukah.
You guys are awesome

Comment by Craig

I can’t tell you how much I’m grateful for all the work and passion you are in putting into this. I’ve been following and buying your releases for more than a year now and feel like a kid getting a very special, precious gift whenever I go to my local vinyl dealer in downtown Paris, France to get one of your vinyls or receive a package from you guys.

You are doing things right. Please keep at it. You’ve got all my respect and humble support.

Comment by saad

[…] continues to make me happy to be a music lover, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting up with quality releases anytime […]

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Simply awesome stuff,guys.Look forward to many many more
great issues….

Comment by Carl

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