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New joints carrying Numero
August 4, 2011, 3:44 pm
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As many of you uninhibited Numero fans already know, there are a handful of exceptional and immaculate brick and mortar stores out there that do an incredible job of selling Numero product. This isn’t to say that we don’t appreciate the stores that have long carried our releases; the intention of this post is to place a spotlight on a few new stores in our direct chain that will be progressively carrying a substantial piece of our catalog in house. Yes, you can always buy Numero goods from Amazon or Itunes, but wouldn’t you feel better hitting up one of these local joints (or the many others that carry Numero nationwide) and spreading/spending the love?

The Music Coop – Ashland, Oregon

Where does one even begin with the illustrious Music Coop? Since 1975, owner John Brenes has been supplying Southern Oregon with a fine influx of quality new and used records. Nestled in one of the more beautiful parts of the country, their considerable distance from any large metropolis hasn’t stopped them from carrying a quality selection of eclectic records from a variety of genres.

Warbler Records & Goods – Santa Barbara, California

Warbler Records co-owners Leigh & Kurt have created a home in the downtown Santa Barbara community that will last a lifetime. The inviting warmth and character of the store is worth a detour off Highway 1 in and of itself. Their meticulous assortment of records and exceptional taste has led to the establishment of one of the finer boutique records shops in all of California. The “Goods” part of the Warbler name is no joke either, carrying local artwork and selective handmade products with an elevated sense of style. With the love these two have put into this shop, it would be hard for us to say anything other than, “Damn, we are proud Numero can be found here.”

Hymie’s Vintage Records – Minneapolis, Minnesota

With a very limited selection of new records (Numero being part of that), Hymie’s harnesses a certain level of quality with its used selection that most older stores with large stock could only dream of. Owner Dave Hoenack has built a beautiful home for vintage vinyl in Minneapolis, one we think will be around for quite a while. Minneapolis might have some competition as far as record stores are concerned, but it would be misleading of us not to say that Hymie’s is more than worth a trip for anyone stopping in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area (their blog is worth a read as well). A beautiful store, owned by excellent people…

Favorite Records – Chicago, Illinois

In its relatively short lifespan here in Chicago, Favorite Records has done an excellent job of establishing itself as a formidable presence amongst the stores that rest on the near Northwest side. With its choice location at the Division/Ashland/Milwaukee intersection, across the street from the Division Blue Line stop, Favorite has amassed an impressive library of Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, and Soul LP’s and 45’s. Owner Robbie Hamilton put in his time at Reckless in Chicago before venturing off on his own, and his knowledge, experience, and expertise makes him one of the more approachable and receptive storeowners we’ve ever come across. Most definitely stop in and check out their Numero selection and quality well priced vinyl next time you pass through Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village.

Beat Pharm – Pueblo, Colorado

Owner Dave Ray never fails to effectively keep the heads in Pueblo, Colorado up to date on good vinyl. His supreme collection of a variety of Rock, as well as Soul, Jazz, Folk, Jam, and Reggae sets him apart from any other owner in the area. With economical prices and a store that houses local goods and crafts in addition to records, the Beat Pharm has the area covered.

Record & Tape Xchange – Fairfax, Virginia

RTX Records is a superior place to browse and pick up Numero Records in the DC metro area. Buyer Tommy Herman had the vision to selectively create a great store, and fill it with a variety of genres and inexpensive good vinyl. With his progressive attitude and an open-minded head on his shoulders, we would more than bet this spot is here for the long haul. Don’t be afraid to make the drive to Fairfax, the collection this store has amassed is impressive in volume and content.

If you are traveling to a new city/area, give us a few days advance notice and drop an email. We’d be happy to give you a shortlist of the stores in that particular region that carry Numero product.

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