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Tough Times for Friends and Other Labels
August 10, 2011, 11:19 am
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Some of you have already heard, but local friends of ours at  Drag City and neighbors (one hood over in Pilsen) at Thrill Jockey were hit pretty hard by the fires caused by the anarchy in the UK. Many other friends in other cities and countries have been hit as well: Matador, Finders Keepers, Secretly Canadian, Soul Jazz. The easiest way to throw support their way is to, you guessed it, buy a record, so we’re gonna recommend some of our favorites from each:

These Trails (Drag City)  All the pandering descriptors that are always thrown around to describe psychedelic folk music actually apply here (cosmic, spiritual, transcendental, lush, you name it). Numero’s Rob Sevier liked this record so much that he wrote the liner notes. The Drag City crack design unit got the unbelievably beautiful cover flawlessly replicated, but its full glory is not evident from a 300×300 jpeg so you’ll just have to order it.

Tortoise millions now living will never die (Thrill Jockey) Why it became known as post-rock, we’ll never exactly know (even though we were living in Chicago at the time), but whatever genre or sub-genre you want to affix to it, it’s now a genuine classic. It came along at the perfect time, when a whole generation of listless Wicker Park-settling 20 year olds had nothing good to smoke pot to. If you somehow don’t have it, it’s a good time to rectify the situation.

Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (Matador) It would be tough to pick just one Matador record to recommend, but we settled on Yo La Tengo’s dark, gentle decade-old gem which is still readily available.

Jean-Pierre Massiera Midnight Masseira (Finders Keepers) A no-brainer choice from Finders Keepers is the J-P Massiera comp they did a few years ago. It’s hard to go wrong with Massiera’s productions across the board, but these selections are particularly difficult to find elsewhere. Save yourself the trouble.

Bobb Trimble Iron Curtain Innocence (Secretly Canadian) SC isn’t known for their reissues, but since Trimble’s first LP was several decades ahead of its time it fits in perfectly with their roster of new artists. Get it before it’s out of print and you cry.

David Lee Jr. Evolution (Soul Jazz) With nearly infinite releases, it’s hard to narrow down the Soul Jazz label and its numerous subsidiaries, but this off-kilter selection is the one that gets most play around here. Widely discussed since Dante first wrote about it in Wax Poetics seven or eight years ago, we’re glad we didn’t have to go into hock it get an original. A great sounding recent pressing can be yours for a reasonable price.

Our thoughts are with our friends and all the other labels who are compounding already tough times with this tragic event.

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Great suggestions. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with the Drag City and Thrill Jockey catalogs. Two more faves of mine from their older releases: Dave Grubbs, The Spectrum Between (DC) and Freakwater, Feels Like the Third Time (TJ). And Soul Jazz was another label hit by the tragedy? Damn. Had not heard that.

Comment by boffo

It’s so great of you guys to help promote music from all the labels in need. I was really upsetting to hear about this fire and the loss it caused. I’m proud to say we are not only customers of these fine labels, but friends as well. Please buy a record(s) everyone!!

Comment by Permanent Records

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