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Triumphant return of the Digital Dig
August 30, 2011, 3:07 pm
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Closer followers may have noticed a lapse in new additions to our Digital Dig over the last two years. Today, we rectify this with five new additions. For those unfamiliar with DD, it’s the best place on the internet to purchase single track downloads from our catalog. It also has a fuck ton of unreleased material that was left on the cutting room floor. Our hope is to add five new things a week, time and material permitting.

This week we are adding:

Stone Coal White – S/T

  1. You Know
  2. Stone Coal White
  3. Hell Below
  4. People’s
  5. Warm Up
  6. Move Your Hand
  7. Ain’t No Sunshine
  8. Free

Father’s Children – Who’s Gonna Save the World

  1. Everybody’s Got A Problem
  2. Linda
  3. Dirt and Grime
  4. Who’s Gonna Save the World
  5. Kohoutek
  6. In Shallah
  7. Father’s Children
  8. Universal Train
  9. Linda Movement

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Linda Movement (Extended Cut)
  2. Father’s Children (Extended Cut)
  3. Everybody’s Got A Problem (Extended Cut)

Doc Rhymin’ – 12”

  1. Practitioner of Rhymes
  2. No Title Can Describe
  3. Dictionary Rap

24-Carat Black – Gone: The Promises of Yesterday

  1. The Best of Good Love
  2. I Want to Make Up
  3. I Don’t Love You
  4. I’ll Never Let You Go
  5. Gone Are The Promises of Yesterday
  6. I Begin To Weep

Penny & the Quarters

  1. It’s Time
  2. I Cried A Tear
For your listening pleasure here’s one of those Father’s Children extended cuts.

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24 Karat Black is still one of my favorite Numero releases!

Comment by Marc Bonadies

i like 24 but Father’s Children is confoundingly ill

Comment by Bern Manning

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