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CD subscribers rejoice – Boddie is on its way…
November 7, 2011, 6:07 pm
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For all you CD subscribers who’ve been wondering where the tail end of your 2011 subscription is….wonder no more!  We sent Zach and Nate off on a perilous journey to the bowels of west industrial Chicago to a town whose name ends in lake…Woodlake? Westlake? Honestly we don’t even know where it is they went, but after a fierce and bloody battle, they returned victorious with a carload of Boddie CDs to send out to the Numero faithful. As evidenced by the photos below, the Numero staff quickly went to work packing up the subscriber orders.




Here’s Rob and Jon and the towers of mail order.

And here’s what the subscribers can expect to receive:

Boddie Recording Co. (3CD)

Boddie Bonus CD (Limited to 500)

Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels CD

Group from Lutheran East 45 (Subscriber only)

And here’s a little video of the box being packed up

**note…rubber bands probably not included.

So there you have it, the end of the 2011 CD subscription.

If you’re sad that you missed out, we’ll surely make more noise about this soon, but keep your eyes peeled for the official 2012 Numero Call For Subscriptions.

Let’s throw some light on this joint:
The CD sub 2012: Six tiles (eight CDs) – $100

January : Los Nombres
In the early ‘70’s, Lorain, Ohio’s Puerto Rican community, one of the largest in the the US, gave birth to this fiery Latin soul combo. Features long “perdito” recordings from the Daywood, Beth and Lorain Sound labels.

March: Lou Ragland: I Travel Alone  (3CD)
Cleveland ‘s intensely prolific Lou Ragland had his fingers in so many pies, he couldn’t stop licking them. Featuring the sweet soul sounds of his long unavailable Conveyer LP, the equally lost Hot Chocolate LP, and an only recently discovered full live Hot Chocolate set that nearly burns down the Agency Recording Studio where it was recorded. CDs are wrapped in three, seperate facsimile sleeves and housed with a 28 page booklet in a hot, chocolate colored slipcase.

May: Eccentric Soul: A Red Green Black Production
On the heels of Father’s Chidren, prepare to devour more of DC producer R. Hosea Williams’ capital soul, with Dyson’s Faces, Summits, Promise, East Coast Connection, Skip Mahoney & the Casuals & the Exceptions.

June: To-Be-Titled, Illinois Power Pop comp (044)
Anyone who lived through the seventies in the Land Of Lincoln knows it was Power Pop Central. Pretty Boys, Julian Leal, Loose Lips, Bandjocks, Kevin Lee & Heartbeat and 13 more contribute to this first ever state-wide overview.

July – Good God! (title TBA)
The third in our gospel series could be our best yet. It’s so good, we’re afraid to talk about it, lest we be struck down with a glorious heavenly blow.

September – Eccentric Soul: The Cash Label
From Chicago’s gamey West side, the Gene Cash finally get their due in this single disc compilation of the their trifecta of labels, Cash, CRA, and Jade.

LP subscription will be announced later this week!

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Woo hoo HOO! So excited! I love you more than Santa. Sorry you had to pay the ransom, Rob, but glad you got the Boddie boxes safely back from the pirates.

Comment by Jessi Hance

Jessi, the box being packed in the video is the one sent to you.

Comment by numerogroup

O happy day, just got it! I didn’t believe you about the box in the video being mine, but there were many rubber bands included, so it must be true. My cat just chewed up a couple…I will get to scoop the bits out of his litter box tomorrow!

Now I just gotta find a baseball fan to give the trading cards to. I do not understand this thing they call sports.

Comment by Jessi Hance

Does this mean that non-subscription pre-orders are on their way, too? If so, I’m overjoyed. So, so proud of Numero for always keeping the customer first in everything they do.

Comment by Mario

About half of the non-subscription CD pre-orders are out the door. We’ll get the rest out tomorrow. International subscriptions ship tonight!

Comment by numerogroup

Wow, thanks for the quick reply! Very much appreciated.

Comment by Mario

Got mine in the mail Saturday

Comment by estebean

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