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2012 Numero Subscription
November 16, 2011, 1:58 pm
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As 2012 rears its ugly, apocalyptic head we will be busy in our bustling two-flat on Marshall Blvd keeping busy to give you some new sonic fodder in preparation of an inevitable global cataclysm. So while your gathering diced peaches and ordering that disaster kit from Sky-Mall you’ve  always wanted, we will be upping the ante by putting out a new Numero or Numero-related good each month the whole year.

The 2012 release schedule will move the mainline catalog into the 40’s by offering six new releases and two new vinyl issues of previously CD-only titles. These releas will make up a majority of the content in the 2012 subscriptions, but there will be a number of releases peppered in for good measure for subscribers to use their discount. Boddie has truly been a gift that keeps on giving with four releases this next year that have ties to Cleveland and Boddie, all crammed between several new Eccentric Soul titles and two helpings of power pop (old and new).

Like in 2011, the 2012 subscription includes free shipping, priority (first in line, not USPS) shipping, guaranteed bonus subscriber only and pre-order items and extras, 15% off all numero online purchases (excluding new subscriptions) and anything else we have in mind. The 2011 CD subscription runs all year while the 2012 vinyl subscription will be again broken down into two digestible parts (and yes there will be discount on the 2nd part 2012 vinyl subscription for customers who pick up both). Here they are:

2012 CD Subscription (8 CD’s Total) $100.00

AST-09 Los Nombres: S/T CD

NUM042 Lou Ragland: I Travel Alone 3CD

NUM041 Eccentric Soul: A Red Green Black Production CD

NUM044 TBT IL Power Pop Comp  CD

NUM040 Good God! Title TBA CD

NUM043 Eccentric Soul: Cash Recordings CD

2012 LP Subscription (14 LP’s Total) $150.00

NUM039 Eccentric Soul: The Nickel and Penny Labels 2LP

AST-09 Los Nombres: S/T LP

NUM042 Lou Ragland: I Travel Alone 4LP

NUM042.5 Love Apple: S/T LP

NUM041 Eccentric Soul: A Red Green Black Production 2LP

NUM044 TBT IL Power Pop Comp 2LP

NUM004 Yellow Pills: Pre-fill 2LP

Get’em here while their hot!

LP Subscriptions will be shipped immediately with NUM039 vinyl while CD subscriptions will be shipped around the first of the new year with AST-09.

Listen to the Needle Drop

Also if you are not a subscriber-

NUM039 Eccentric Soul: The Nickel and Penny Labels LP available here

NUM035 Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, OH CD available here

NUM2011.5 Numero Vinyl Subscription still available until Friday here

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Is 2012 the year subscriptions love us hosers? (Canadians)

Comment by Craig

For now only CD subscriptions, we are working on a store overhaul to integrate multiple shipping options which will make it easy for international customers to enjoy all products. Hopefully launching sometime next year, maybe in time for 2012 Vinyl Subscription Part 2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Comment by numerogroup

Done and done.

Comment by Arthur

not to be that guy …but does the silver subscribers pin kick in during the second year ???my kid is waiting to steal my bronze

Comment by trevor

Still figuring out what the tchotchke for 2012 is going to be. We generally don’t like to repeat ourselves, so don’t give up that pin just yet. Possible solution: spray paint?

Comment by numerogroup

NUM042.5 Love Apple: S/T LP? Will this eventually be represented on CD? If not, will the vinyl be available to buy on its own outside of the LP subscription?

Comment by ZH

Love Apple will likely not make it to CD. It will however be available outside the subscription.

Comment by numerogroup

Not to be that other guy, but what about the vinyl of NUM003, Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label?

Comment by Jay

wow , i forgot about that too …..yeah , what he said ….and what i said too ….

Comment by trevor

Second Half 2012. NUM003 Redux!

Comment by numerogroup

Fantastic! Thanks guys.

Comment by Jay

YELLOW PILLS?! ON VINYL?! Didn’t think it would happen cuz of that one hold out Y’all just made my 2012!

Comment by Clint

Hot Diggity! How long have I got before the Part 1 subscription closes?

Comment by Andrew

Will the Codeine vinyl box set be in 2012 Part 2?

Comment by Kev

I keep reading stuff about Codeine re-issues in May and everyone is saying Numero…except for Numero. What’s going on with that?

Comment by Kriss Stress Ⓥ

Official announcement is forthcoming.

Comment by numerogroup

Do the vinyl subs come with a digital download as well?

Comment by Joe R.

We don’t offer any kind of vinyl+download package. Sorry.

Comment by numerogroup

I’m guessing that the hold-out will be omitted from the vinyl issue, so when that arrives and we see who’s missing, the hold-out’s identity will finally be revealed.

Seriously though, I’m so excited for Yellow Pills: Pre-fill on vinyl, and can’t wait to hear more details on the Illinois-based power pop comp.

Comment by Jay Castaldi

Delighted to see the subscription packages being made available to international customers. Do you have any plans to make payment by Paypal an option?

Comment by Fraser

No plans to make Paypal an option as they charge ridiculous fees to use the service.

Comment by numerogroup

I appreciate that, but wrap those fees up into the price of subscription and I’d happily pay.

Comment by Fraser

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