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Bragging On Boddie
November 23, 2011, 11:23 am
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This is more of a personal exercise, as any one reading this spot has likely already bought Boddie Recording Co. That said, the unprint media seems to like our most recent opus, and since we like to brag, we will.


“There is a certain optimism and spirit of hard work in these recordings that makes them an exciting body of work to listen to all at once.”


“This sort of dedication to source materials is something of a Numero standard, but in this particular case it still has the power to astound. Echoing the ethos of Boddie’s original venture, this thing is a labor of love and it shows in every aspect.”


“The only problem with all of this outpouring of archival largesse from The Numero Group is that they keep setting the bar higher and higher.”

Pop Matters

“This package is as memorable for the unbridled works of genius it brings to light as for the sheer oddities, eccentricities and impressive flops.”

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Tangari does it again.

Comment by William

Am I the last one in the world who has yet to receive his pre-order?

Comment by Bern Manning

Me too… up in Canada.

Comment by Brett

Are any of the rest of you battling itsy bitsy chunks of kraft paper baked into your Boddie LPs? There seem to be scores of them clogging the grooves of these new records. Fortunately, I’ve been able to scrape most of them out with a finger nail, but some just don’t want to budge.

Cool looking packaging, most definitely, but perhaps not the best for the vinyl.

Comment by Brian


We’ve seen a few cases like this. We searched through a few boxes of LPs to find the problem and found that a gentle cleaning with a damp cloth and warm water will take the debris away. Going forward, all copies will be pre-sleeved in a clear plastic sleeve. All that said, if your copy is damaged, we’re more than happy to replace.

Comment by numerogroup

Mine’s exactly the same mate. Like you, I got a lot of them off with a gentle scrape of a finger nail, but there was some really unbearable surface noise from one channel of my speakers on one of the records.

I eventually dug out my trusty KAB vaccum record cleaner and gave them all a full wet scrub. Came up spot on and the noise was gone.

After 30 odd releases I’ve bought to date, I can let the guys off with this one at least. Alls well that ends well.

Comment by Leon

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