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Numero Soundclash: Getting to know the Rotel
December 20, 2011, 3:30 pm
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Wether spotted in the margins of product photos, or spied during hurried office tours, we get a lot of questions about our stereo, which is the usual potluck assemblage of co-worker scrap, anchored by a curious component, the Rotel-RZ8, or simply “The Play Mixer.” Aside from the usual manner of phono/line inputs and outputs, the Play Mixer features an analog drum machine and an echo-effected input for “Mic/Guitar.” Not sure who the target audience was for this artifact, although thanks to this sticker, we can assume Good Earth of San Jacinto had use for it at one time or another. 

As was customary with analog drum machines there is a 1:1 ratio of European:Latin rhythms available. We figured our newest arrival Los Nombres would provide a great opportunity to fire up the drums, and show readers what this thing can do. Rotel debuts at :24.

“Todos” by Los Nombres (AST-09) + Rotel Demo

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Do you intend to sell RZ8?

Comment by Parimi

Not for sale.

Comment by numerogroup

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