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New Photo of Penny
December 29, 2011, 11:30 am
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For generations who have documented themselves ad nauseum on Facebook, it’s hard to imagine how previous generations survived without thousands of incriminating photographs littering a world wide web. Yet, several of our artists have not been able to conjure up one single photograph of themselves from during their creative period. Shirley Ann Lee has a total of four frayed photographs of herself… and she was a Nashboro recording artist! Another one of our favorite artists, Penny Sharpe of Penny & the Quarters, had only one photograph of herself… until a few months ago when she found a school portrait from (we think) the same year as her (now seminal) recording session with Jay Robinson and her brothers. The story of possibly the world’s most famous group to never cut more than a demo continues to unfold.

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Penny! Wow. Awesome. Didn’t know there had been a first photo. Now find me a photo of the girl who sang “Peanut Duck”!

Comment by richie1250

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