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N201: Codeine: When I See The Sun
January 23, 2012, 12:30 pm
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Late last year we issued a press release about a new direction Numero was going in: The 1990s. Alright, it didn’t explicitly say that, but it was implied in the content. On May 8th 2012 we’ll be reissuing the near-complete works of the seminal “slowcore” pioneers Codeine, and we’ll be setting a new standard for the modern reissue as a result. Their three albums for Seattle’s Sub Pop label, 1990’s Frigid Stars LP, 1992’s Barely Real, and 1994’s The White Birch, have been given the full Numero treatment, in a package that rivals our Boddie box.

All three double albums will be sold separately, or you can buy them together as the deluxe box set: When I See The Sun. We’ll be announcing a pre-order for the box shortly, and the first 500 will come with a bonus 45. Watch this spot for details.

The contents:

Frigid Stars LP
1. D
2. Gravel Bed
3. Pick Up Song
4. 3 Angels
5. New Year’s

1. Second Chance
2. Cave-In
3. Cigarette Machine
4. Old Things
5. Pea

1 Castle (SOS Demo)
2 Skeletons (SOS Demo)
3 Three Angels (SOS Demo)
4 Corner Store (SOS Demo)
5 Summer Dresses (SOS Demo)

1 Pea (Acoustic)
2 Second Chance (Demo)
3 Pickup Song (Demo)
4 Cave-In (Demo)
5 Kitchen (SOS Demo)

Barely Real
1. Realize
2. Jr
3. Barely Real

1. Hard To Find
2. W.
3. Promise Of Love

1 JR (Dessau Demo)
2 Hydroplane (Live)
3 Wird (Dessau Demo)
4 I Wonder (Dessau Demo)

1 Tom (Dessau Demo)
2 A l’Ombre de Nous
3 Cracked in Two
4 Realize (Alternate take)
5 Broken-Hearted Wine

The White Birch
1. Sea
2. Loss Leader
3. Vacancy
4. Kitchen Light
5. Washed Up

1. Tom
2. Ides
3. Wird
4. Smoking Room

1 Median (Peel Session)
2 Loss Leader (Peel Session)
3 Sure Looks That Way (Peel Session)
4 D (Live)

1 Atmosphere
2 Something New
3 Ides (Demo)
4 Smoking Room (Demo)

Additionally, a CD of the same material will accompany each album, packaged in a manner that is respectful of the object—not just thrown in as an afterthought.

Lastly, the band has announced a handful of dates to support the re-release of their catalog.After that, they go back in the box for another 20 years. Three dates have been confirmed, with another dozen or so club gigs to follow:

May 26 London – All Tomorrow’s Parties
June 1 Barcelona – Primavera
June 8 Porto, Portugal – Primavera Porto

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I guess I’ll need to get into Codein now.

Comment by Ed Corcoran

bring the downers.

Comment by Bern Manning

unreal! this is the most pleasant surprise of 2012 yet. thank you so so much. i consistently listened to White Birch while going to sleep from 94-96.

Comment by Brad Theard

will this be part of the Sub ???

Comment by trevor gage

please let this be included in subscriptions!

Comment by Clint

This won’t be included in the 2012 Subscription, but you can use your 15% subscriber discount to buy all three or the box for cheaper.

Comment by numerogroup

Shouldn’t this have been #401 or 501? You guys are gonna overlap at some point. 😛

Comment by William

By the time the original numbering series gets up to 200, they’ll probably be putting out 4 LP sets of Dr. Dre’s earliest beat tapes, so the Codeine reissues won’t feel out of place.

Comment by Ed Corcoran

The likely hood of overlap at this point is rather slim. Do the math:

42 releases divided by nine years of making records is a little under five records per year. We would need to stay in business for 31 more years to overlap.

Comment by numerogroup

New headline: Numero Group To Shut Doors After 40 Years In Business, Says Source

Comment by William

This is going to be awesome.
How soon do you think the pre-order will be put up, like 2-3 days soon or will it be a couple weeks?

Comment by Tanner

We’ll be announcing the pre-order next week.

Comment by numerogroup

Great release that I’ll buy immediately. I do wish subscriptions were all inclusive, which is kind of the point frankly. I applaud the new direction of the label and your continued good taste.

Comment by Rod Ganiard


It would be nearly impossible for us to predict an all-in price for every title we issued in a year. That said, it would likely be in the neighborhood of $300, which we feel is pricing ourselves out of our own market.

Comment by numerogroup

i see both points made ….by splitting the subscription into 2 parts still comes close to 300 ( i paid 250 last year ).. i will in a few days still spend the 150 for the subscription , but dont say the subscription will take care of everything

Comment by trevor gage

I’d be happy to pony up the extra if your releases outstrip your projections. I kind of doubt this one came out of the blue. I’d also like to know that a copy is reserved for me. FWIW, I subscribe (commit) to several labels and purchase all their releases. E.g., I have every release, both vinyl and CD, from Mosaic and have each new release automatically charged to my cc and shipped. Thanks for listening.

Comment by Rod

I was thinking the other day about how cool an “all-inclusive” numero sub would be. People could get regular releases, pre-order goodies, and even the more limited special items. Maybe the apparel too? This might have to be limited or something, and would definitely cost more, but I know I would definitely be buying it.

Comment by Clint

Reblogged this on lapeauhesite.

Comment by philailleurs

The beginning of this year for music was sinking until i found out about this! Numero never disappoints.

Comment by Ruben cortez (@Givememotorhead)

so , can we order it ???

Comment by trevor gage

this makes a lot of sense now and should sell a lot to the southern rap community, as they love codeine.

Comment by bob a

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