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12 Miles North: The Nick Gabaldon Story
March 12, 2012, 4:46 pm
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If you’ve bought a Numero release, you probably know by now that these are often little documentaries. Come for the music and stay for a story. We know full well that there so many overlooked and forgotten stories that need to be told, but not all of them have a built in soundtrack. The Nick Gabaldon Story is one of a kind. His legacy could be over-simplified as the Jackie Robinson of surfing, but even such a reduction begs the question: how does a solo sport that seemingly thrives on its sense of freedom need to be desegregated? The racism that black and latino surfers faced in the 1940s California was shocking to consider now.  His triumphant story is surprising and sad, and needed to be documented. Richard Yelland put together an extraordinary visual history, but he needed a sonic pallet. It was a perfect fit for the Numero Group, and alert Numero listeners will recognize a veritable sampler of extraordinary selections (supervised by Maxwell Gosling of Little Ears Music.) We’re thrilled to be a part of this amazing story.  You can see the whole thing here.

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